is Rudi Guliani going to take the fall for Donald Trump?

The news the last couple of days has me thinking that this may be Donald’s idea as how to diffuse the Impeachment proceedings. Donald is well known for throwing his supporters to the wolves, and Rudi looks like the next sacrifice.

I think he’s gonna try. I doubt it’ll be enough.

My only hope is that Trump tries to throw Rudi under the bus. Realizing that the game is over, Rudi decides that if he’s going down then Trump is coming with him. Surely Rudi knows where the bodies are buried. A few “suddenly located” crates of documents from Rudi’s closet should make things kind of interesting.

Which fall are we talking about? Some things can be blamed on Rudy, maybe, but some things can only be blamed on the President.

My favorite quote from Twitter is “Rudy Giuliani is the lawyer you want to see when you want your parking ticket reduced down to first degree murder.”

Remember Reagan slipping out from under Iran/Contra? Ollie North took that rap and ended up as a Right Wing Icon. Reagan laid off the blame neatly and suffered no consequences.

All Donald needs to do is claim that he was acting upon false intelligence gathered by Rudi.

George W used the false intelligence defense for the Iraq war too. Are we sensing a pattern…

Yes, but Reagan was at least a marginally competent politician.

The current situation is becoming “Moron Contra”.

Does Michael Cohen have a cell-mate?

But the plan might be to pump up what Rudy did to divert attention from the other stuff.

The Ukraine thing is just one of many many crimes Trump is accused of.

Will that work? Rudy is not a government employee, he is Trumps personal lawyer (or one of them anyway). Rudy was sure as hell better not have been doing this shit on the taxpayers dime but I’m guessing that is exactly what happened.

It might work politically, since so many of Trump’s supporters think he can do no wrong.

I imagine if Giuliani is pressured too much, he’ll be defiant, until a competent lawyer informs him how much trouble he is in, and then he’ll fold. I don’t believe Giuliani is a stand up guy. Furthermore his interactions with Trump don’t fall under client attorney privilege (at least not when Giuliani was engaging in criminal activity).

Donald could shoot Nancy Pelosi in the back of the head on live TV and his followers would call it fake news and say the ensuing investigation was just another witch hunt.

He is probably under investigation as we speak:

They would cheer it.

I think that Rudi is gonna have enough problems of his own. If Trump tries to throw him under the bus, he may well get dragged under himself this time.

If Rudy does take a fall, his insanity defense would be pretty compelling.

Insanity defense doesn’t keep you out of detention. It just qualifies you for electro-shock therapy.

It’s an interesting analogy. But Reagan had better ‘favorable’ numbers than Trump does; very possibly half the nation thought Reagan was probably a decent person, making ‘Ollie North is the villain here’ more plausible.

At least 70% of Americans know that Trump is indecent and corrupt; they may think the same thing about Rudy, but the idea that Rudy is making Trump extort foreign nations and betray allies just won’t fly.

Even Trump’s most ardent fans won’t buy it—they are wedded to the idea that Trump is all-knowing and all-wise. ‘Rudy forced him’ will contradict their most deeply-held views.

Not so much insane now as feeble-minded. God I hope if he’s indicted that he serves as his own lawyer.