Is she hitting on me?

At my current job, as in previous jobs, there is a girl that has a good set of knockers. Sometimes, we have to be in fairly close quarters, but not remarkably close: kind of look at this list on my desk, that sort of thing. When she looks at it, her boobs are touching my arm. And she doesn’t move them. She is substantially younger than me, but when we first met, she gave me a great smile, which she doesn’t often do.
OK, so she brushes her knockers against me, big deal…but, as I said, she keeps them against me, while looking at the list. Kind of like the side or back of my arm is between the valley (although, not enough to be totally obvious).

So, is she



Just looking at the list, and not caring what’s happening to her boobs as long as some freako isn’t pawing them?

Too lazy to move, even though some older man gets excited and she doesn’t care?

(New option here)?

This isn’t the first time that this has happened on the job, even at other jobs, and I’d hate to pass up a good opportunity, but I’d also hate to get fired for sexual harassment on the job.

Sounds to me like a situation is brewing for sexual harrassment…

The next she does this, initiate boob contact against your arm, contrive to reach for something on your desk (“Excuse me, I need that pen.”) in such a manner that you have to reach past her boob at a slightly-awkward angle and your sleeve will move from static boobage to dynamic (i.e. moving) boobage. Gauge her reaction, without being obvious about it. If she leans back, forget it and think about other things, including trying to insulate yourself from a sexual harassment claim by asking her to move back a little. If she leans in, start thinking about asking her out for dinner during a non-contact moment.

Just grab two honkin handfuls of those puppies and ask her “You want it here or someplace else darlin?”

Caveat: I was raised by truckers.

She isn’t noticing the contact?

I would say it’s a flirt of some sort.

Doesn’t matter. Don’t shit where you eat.

Next time you get an erection, go over to her desk, and rub it against her cheek and see what she does.

I thought of that, but then it occurred to me:

  1. I, myself, notice when I’m touching somebody with parts of my body
  2. A girl with a good rack will DEFINITELY know what they are brushing against, especially a man. I mean, she’s probably been getting comments, leers, dorky witticisms, etc… and she, I think, should know that they will have some effect.

Thanks for the input, so far, and keep it coming!
ALL of it is wise, and I can tie it all together to come up with a solution.
(Bryan Ekers, I like your style!)


What is her position at the company relative to you? Does she have anything to gain by being flirty with you?

A girl with excellent knockers and an excellent smile will definitely know how to use those “resources” to her advantage. If making you weak in the knees every time she comes by your desk is to her advantage, she’s getting it done.

Titty touch is a flirt or a tease, though what’s the difference really. Girls that run around pretending they don’t know what their chest is pressing up against are rolleyes. Just press back gently with your arm/back and see what she does, if she backs off, just ignore it until she does it again. If you want it to stop just slip the phrase “unwelcome titty contact distracts me from my highly important work task” into any given sentence followed by kind of a squinty stare, like maybe the cream in the coffee is a little past the due date.

No wonder the chicks dig you. :wink:

Never really understood that expression in this context. I also don’t understand “Don’t piss in your own pool” when it comes to workplace flirting. Shouldn’t it be “Don’t get your meat where you get your bread?”

Can the guy raised by truckers clear this up?

(Sorry for the hijack.)

All three are acceptable, with the trucker preferance for referring to sex as “meat” coming in slightly better recieved than the other two. 10-4 Good Buddy.

The difference is “you can have this if you want this” versus “you can’t have this.”

A shallow grave, maybe.

I have to disagree with this. I’m a girl with a big rack and honestly, sometimes those puppies make contact with someone and I don’t notice right away. When you have a rack this size, it’s inevitably going to bump into and against things and I think I’ve just become less sensitive in that area.

Turn your face into her chest and make motorboat noises into her boobage. That’ll do the trick, one way or another.

As another fairly well-endowed woman who must wear strong bras, I must point out that being strapped in feels like they are in constant contact anyway. It can be difficult to feel added contact where there is already contact. Anyone live through the 80s and skin tight jeans? A brush with another object while wearing said jeans can be undetectable. If she isn’t making eye contact with you as these things happen, I would say it is just co-incidence. I also vote with ZipperJJ that she may just be using her assets to her advantage without any real intention behind it. Eye contact is everything. If she isn’t giving you looks in addition to the brushes, it isn’t anything, IMHO.

I also think that contact that she can see coming, like reaching for her mouse or her pen would be a great test like Grossbottom suggested. If she moves, it is unintentional. If not, there could be something more going on here.

Best of luck to you in figuring out the real deal. You have to let us know when you do!

A tease that only says that when you chase it. You weren’t supposed to chase.

No, there’s a difference. The first two allude to the potential negative consequences of dating co-workers. The “shit” and “piss” aren’t describing the flirting/dating/sex/whatever, they refer to the workplace situation after the affair has run its course. At that point, it’s not unusual for things to be at least awkward, and sometimes downright nasty, possibly leading to at least one of the participants seeking a job elsewhere (voluntarily or not). Hence one risks “fouling his own nest,” so to speak.