Is Steph McMahon hot when comparing her to normal everyday women?

Stephanie McMahon was an active wrestler and on screen talent for WWE back in 2003. She works behind the scenes now, but I will be referring to her in 2003(her prime). She’s pretty average looking when you compare her to the other perfect WWE girls, she doesn’t have the slim body, blonde hair, and major sex appeal. But that’s what I noticed guys liked about her. She’s got some big curves and some nice muscle tone too, she also has fake boobs, but you can see that in the real world too. I’ve heard guys call her fat, butch, or ugly, back in 2003.

What are you thoughts on her? Here are some YouTube videos.
Stephanie Vs Brock Lesnar

Stephanie Vs A-train

Stephanie Vs Big Show

Steph Low Cut Halter top Huge Cleavage

Steph Seduction with Kurt Angle

She’s a very attractive woman. I wouldn’t put her on par with the really beautiful movie stars, but she’s above most women her age just walking down the street. She’s fairly pretty and has a nice body. What’s not to like?

Compared to ordinary gals you see on the street, she’s undeniably pretty hot. Though she is big, which is a gigantic turnoff for about 70% of US male-hood.

Compared to professional cuties doing their professsional best, she’s a C+ at best, even after you discount the bigness.

So the guys / fans who spend all their time fantasizing about hanging out with top-grade professional cuties look down on her as beneath their exalted tastes.

While the guys / fans who think they don’t rate the very best, will gladly “settle” for somebody who looks C+ within the pro-hottie peer group. And convince themselves that by aiming below the pinnacle of hotness, they’re being realistic. Yes they really could have Stephanie or somebody like her if they bothered to try.

WWE has always sold fantasy. Which one any given fan responds to (fighting, hulks, babes, or the soap opera) says a lot more about the fan than it does about the production.

To the OP

Dude, she’s hot, scorching hot, but you need to get a hold of yourself.

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samclem, Moderator

She’s not bad looking at all, but she is fat.

For her age? She was 26-27 in those pictures.

Bwah? :confused:

She’s not reed thin, but ‘fat’ seems like quite a stretch.

Thick maybe?

No, she’s fat. Not obese, but still fat.

When those pics were taken was about the last time I watched WWE regularly. I thought Stephanie McMahon was one of the hottest women on the show. The only woman I thought was definitely hotter was Trisha Stratus.

No she isn’t. What a stupid thing to say.

She looks like mostly muscle to me.

And this straight woman votes: hot.

I’ve always found her attractive.

I disregarded the irritating videos and just Googled up some recent photos. She’s 36.

LurkerinNJ, unless your definition of “fat” is “anything larger than severely anorexic,” the woman is not fat.

Not being fat already puts her well above normal everyday women.

Well, according to her billed WWE stats* she’s 5’8" and weighs 135 giving her a BMI of 20.5 - on the low end of normal.

Now, you may prefer your women built like Natalie Portman, but suggesting that a woman with a BMI of 20.5 is fat makes you sound like an idiot.

*Yes, yes, WWE is all made up; however, looking at this pic the stats given seem pretty reasonable.)

Iv’e noticed that as people become bigger and bigger, their idea of not fat get bigger and bigger.

You can quote fake stats all you want. She’s fat.

155 is more like it.

I will guarantee you she’s a lot closer to 165-175 lbs than “135” lbs in those videos. Actually the most impressive thing was where the guy named “The Big Show” hoisted her aloft with one arm and kept her suspended on top of his hand for about a half minute or more. Regardless of how scripted wrestling is that’s some serious strength.

I’m a straight woman, and I vote hot. She looks solid and muscular, not overweight.

I’d much rather look like that than likethis.