Is Tapatalk a data hog?

I think this is an ATMB question. Anyhoo…

I have onavo data tracker on my android phone. It warns me when I install programs known by onavo to guzzle on my 500MB of data, the way an H2 guzzles on gas. YouTube, daily motion, stuff like that.

I recently got one such warning for Tapatalk, which I installed a few weeks back primarily for the SDMB. Is that just because users who use it, use it to excess, or does it take a heavy data drain per minute? I can’t imagine what would do it…it’s all text, right? :confused:

Just looking for the opinion of posters and mods on here. What has been your experience with the mobile dope?

I don’t use Tapatalk as my phone is not that advanced.

I know you were asking for first hand experience of SDMB users - but you were about to slip off the bottom of the first page with 0 responses. And I was both bored and curious, so I went looking elsewhere.

According to this site, Tapatalk should reduce data use: Praise for Tapatalk.

Over at a Blackberry user board, they had a thread asking about Tapatalk data usage. It doesn’t appear to be an issue for them:
Blackberry user thread.

There was one recent thread at what may have been a Tapatalk developer forum, but I lost the link. There seemed to be an issue with a memory leak hogging resources?, but whether that would affect data usage, I don’t know.

From what I’ve read, when I upgrade my phone I will most likely load up Tapatalk.

That’ll probably be in 2 years though. I’ll let you know then.

Snerky Snerk

Thanks Snerky Snerk!