Is that a nickel in your pocket or are you just happy to se me?

I got my first new nickel yesterday and I was surprised by one aspect of the new design.

Do you see what I see?

Looks like something was ensuing at the mint.

I know, it’s probably just some fur but did anyone consider this design might be a little undignified?

I won’t even get into the way the front of the coin makes it looks like Jefferson got there late and slid into the coin at the last second.

What the heck is that little tuft, anyway? In searching the web for images, I see that not all of them have it. Is it a girl thing, a boy thing, a breed thing? I must admit, I’ve never studied the nether regions of a buffalo.

And where the hell is the back of Jefferson’s head? After the recent changes to the paper money, and now this, I think the People In Charge of Everything must be smoking crack.

Yep…it’s bison dick. :smiley:

I’ve heard buffalo meat is becoming popular but this isn’t what I had imagined.

The animal on the old Indian Head/Buffalo nickel, minted from 1913-1938, had a bit of a dick but nothing as impressive as this fellow’s.

This has come u recently on this Board before.

Technically, I’m told, it’s a Prepuce Tuft – a bit of hair attached to the front of the bison dong, not the sex organ itself.

Quit getting worked up about it. It’s 'cause of people like you that we had the Justice Department’s boob covered up.

Bison Tube Steak.

It’s wot’s fer dinner.

In my defense, I ran a search on “Jefferson nickel buffalo penis” and came up empty.

The Justice Department has repeatedly demonstrated it had no interest in my opinions on how this country should be run.

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