Is the guy in the BK ads the host of E's "The Soup"?

You know the boss guy in the Burger King commercials that are kind of a spoof of The Office .
I think in the recent one he gives his workers the game peices from their value meals as bonuses.
I swear he is the same guy who hosts The Soup on E. (I liked it better when they called it Talk Soup, but I digress.) I need proof he is the same guy to win an argument and I can’t find a cite.
You guys think I am right?

You are correct. Google “Joel McHale” and “Burger King” for all the proof you need. :cool:

Yep, it is the same guy. I love him.

Thanks guys. I must have been spelling his name wrong…

Not enough true “talk” shows left. I’m just glad its’ back. There was a huge hole in my existence without “Soup.” Seriously.

He’s the Burger King guy? Who knew?

Just to chime in

I loved Talk Soup. Wondered where the hell it went.

I then see “The Soup” and Im like E! is trying to cash in on VH1s clip show market.

“The Soup” is way better. When I watch “Best Week Ever” I hear crickets after most of the comments.

Joel McHale has great delivery, not like some of the assclowns on BWE. Some of them always seem like they’re throwing jokes at the wall to see what sticks. Others are trying too hard and it just falls flat.

On the topic, the BK ad with the guy licking ketchup off the Jessica Alba cutout is just gross.

I first fell in love with Joel when he was Hutch, “The Asshole”, on Joe Schmoe. That’s a funny little dude!

Nope, wrong guy.

Wow! Color me surprised - I woulda sworn that was the same guy!
I still love them both, though. Thanks for the info, Nutty Bunny.

I used to see Joel McHale about 10 years ago on a Seattle sketch-comedy show called Almost Live (which also launched the career of Bill Nye), and I thought he was the weakest performer on the show. (To be fair, he joined near the end of the show’s run, when it was a bit past its peak.) But based on the praise in this thread, if I ever run across The Soup, I’ll check it out.

(Off topic for a moment)When I was looking up who played “The Hutch” on Joe Schmoe, I found out that he played Patrick on Six Feet Under. Color ME surprised. That led me to look up the acting history of the other JS actors. None of them, aside from Jonathan Torrens from the second season and the older guy from the first season, have much other acting under their belts.

Now back to the Joel love.