Is the legalization of Cannabis in Canada a big deal for you?

So it’s been legal now for a few days. Are you smoking your brains out? Or totally ignoring it? Are you happy? Or are you sad?

Personally it’s not a big deal for myself. I consumed cannabis 1-2 times a year before it was legal (usually edibles in Washington State). Will I consume more now that it is legal? Maybe? I have smoked it in the past, but prefer edibles. So I may try smoking it once or twice, but I’m really holding out for next year when edibles are legal.

My wife has some minor anxiety issues, so I think I will try and get some CDB rich product for her. She used to smoke it back in the day, but I think she’d rather eat an edible or take some oil.

In my province (BC), I live in the city (Kamloops) that the only “legal” government store is located. It’s unfortunately right beside my favorite grocery store, so parking has been a gong show. I think that’s the biggest impact of legalization for me so far!


Nope, never tried it and no desire. My brother has been using prescribed CBD for the last few months and it’s made a huge difference for him with anxiety and insomnia.

Once the brick and mortar stores get rolling, yeah it’ll make a difference. For non-tokers: imagine if every time you wanted to buy some beer, you had to call ahead and make sure it was ok to drop by and get some.

As a Brit, it gives me hope. Assuming it goes okay.

Well, I’m not a Canadian, so I’m only mildly intellectually curious how it will work out at a national level. It’s legal for medicinal purposes in my state, and there has been some talk about legalizing it for recreational purposes, but no idea if they will. I have some back issues that my doc says might be alleviated with medicinal use (I guess they actually make a salve as well as edible and smokable…probably not news to anyone on this board, but I was mildly surprised by all of the application methods today), though I’m controlling the pain mostly with over the counter stuff so I haven’t asked for a prescription. I’d definitely go that way as opposed to opioids if it comes to that, since I’ve had friends and family members who died from ODs and the like from opioids. Hope it works out in Canada, especially from a tax standpoint.

I’m not Canadian, but my screen name is:cool:

I’m glad reason is winning in the world, and I hope it’s contagious.:smiley:

I don’t like smoke, be it forest fires, tobacco, or pot, so I’m not thrilled about the anticipated uptick in smoking, but at the same time I am glad that pot has been decriminalized, for I think it is counter-productive to give a person a criminal record for smoking dope. Don’t go to jail – just go away from me.

I think it’s a good thing that we’ve got such a silly news subject to take our minds off the NAFTA 2.0 debacle and all the bad political and environmental news from, well, all other Western democracies, starting with the U.S.

My job involves crossing the U.S. border on occasion. I will not smoke the stuff, because I’d cough my lungs out; and I won’t consume any other way until it’s waaay more mainstream and we know more about how this plays out at the border. I haven’t invested in pot-producing companies either (unless my mutual funds have; I’m going for plausible deniability :slight_smile: ).

I might try a THC chocolate bar if the price point is right. But (a) the Ontario Cannabis Store doesn’t offer those yet and (b) I’m pretty cheap. So I’m not rushing into anything.

It’s semi-important for this non-user of cannabis. I hate smoking of any sort, will tolerate vaping, but if I was going to use cannabis, it would be via some sort of edible (food or drink).

I am cautiously in favour of legalization, simply because I felt that prohibition was overkill. I also have the impression that cannabis is less harmful than tobacco, or even large amounts of alcohol. I am watching the social and business aspects of this. New industries? Being able to openly do research on cannabis? Canada in the forefront of something for once?

Yes, a big deal. I’ve got some stock in companies at the ground floor level. (speculative, not my retirement motherlode)

Not Canadian and not a drug addict, so errr no.

Marijuana, and the cannabis plant has been studied for years in Canada. I well recall doing my undergrad work at the U of Toronto in the early 1980s, and visiting the Botany Department’s greenhouses, at the corner of College and University. Great place to go in the middle of a winter snowstorm, and I knew one of the horticulturalists, so I had access to all the greenhouses, except one–the one with the cannabis plants.

Yep, the University of Toronto had a federal permit to grow cannabis for research purposes back in the 1980s. As far as I am aware, research was performed and results were published, so I think it is safe to say that “openly doing research on cannabis” has occurred for years in Canada.

As an aside, there was nothing like relaxing with a coffee in the Tropical House, under a palm tree, next to the banana tree, with a coffee tree a few yards away; next to the fish pond, where I could watch goldfish lazily swim–while it was minus-10 outside, with high winds and swirling snow.

I have early terminus insomnia and have been toying with the idea of treating it with CBD oil. I’m in Washington state at the moment, and saw some yesterday at the cash register of the (hippie, organic) grocery store! Is this the same stuff as I would get at a marijuana dispensary?

And when I’m in California, must I go to the marijuana dispensaries to get the same thing?

Don’t you Canucks know that Maryjajuanna causes…COMMUNISM!?!?


Living in Colorado, we are very cautious when taking a road trip. Having license plates that come from a state where it is legal makes you a target for police. I don’t smoke very often, but my wife does enjoy it, so it bums me out that we can’t bring some along so she can relax after a long day on the road. So, having this normalized more does make me happy.

Do you think everyone who has a glass of wine once or twice a month is an alcoholic?

No. If I were inclined to use marijuana, I’d just drive four miles down the road to the nearest pot shop.

It’s a little sad that local retailers will lose some business as Canadians no longer have to cross the border to shop. But that’s progress!

Legal medical cannabis is all mail order in Canada, although many dispensaries were operating under that guise illegally. They were told if they didn’t shut down by legalization day they would have no hope of ever getting a licence.

He’s gone through all the usual sleep aids and tranquilizer meds, but my SIL is shocked at the difference after just a few months.

No. I tried it once and it didn’t do a thing for me. Not going to start at my age. Unless for medical use.

It seems to me that they have set it up to fail. They want to defeat the black market, but have made it so inconvenient that the black market will prevail.