is the "Active within 24 hours" worth discussing, with someone you're "exclusive" with?

Long story short, I had a account, that lapsed about a year or so ago. I met a girl around Halloween last year, hit it off, and things seem to be going well.

When we were first getting to know each other, we were talking about avenues we had tried, to meet other people, etc. One that she had mentioned back then, coincidentally enough, was

Just this evening, I received one of their “c’mon back” emails, and at first paid no attention to it.

Then, curiosity got the best of me (having remembered the “Active within 24 hours / 1 day / 3 days”, etc). I ended up locating her on there via Search, and lo and behold I see “Active within 24 hours”.

Granted it’s been only a few months, and we’ve never sat down and had the “where are we?” talk, but I’ve been under the impression for a while, that we’re unofficially-officially exclusive.

We do spend a fair amount of time around each other (typically one night a week during the week, and either Friday or Saturday night, doing “date night”). And yes, we’ve long since “slept together”, for whatever that’s worth.

Any reason I should question the “Active within 24 hours” thing? Any reason at all that I should bring it up? Or, in your opinion, would this be the first step down the road, to the beginning of the end?

Big deal?
Little deal?
No deal?

You should probably have the “where are we” talk first.

Perhaps she was curious about your status. Or maybe she logged in to switch off messages?

Uh, if she looked at your profile right now, it would say the same thing. I’ve trolled dating sites for fun, looking for friends and coworkers, etc. Unless you have reasons to believe she’s not happy, I wouldn’t sweat it. That being said, if you just can’t forget about it in another couple of days, and feel compelled to keep checking back, you need to say something.

Just have the “where are we” talk and be done with it. How would the other talk even go? “Hey I was still using an online dating site and I noticed you are too, what gives?!”

My .02

Don’t say shit about seeing it.

Have the “where are we” talk.

If she is not interested in further commitment, plan your life accordingly.

The simple fact that you reactivated your account could mean she did the same thing as you, reactivated based on an email invite.