Is the new Call of the Cthulhu game any good?

I just heard about this. Apparently it is based on the old pen and paper game which I find intriguing. Anyone play it? Is it any good?

I’m guessing that this is a new video game you’re talking about? Links, or clarification, might be helpful.

Apparently decent, not spectacular. Looks like the gameplay mechanics is the most lacking part.

Another review here

Again, decent, but not spectacular.

I just watched a livestream that did a playthrough. Playthrough was 8 or 9 hours, pretty much everyone’s consensus was that the ending chapter was pretty cool, but getting through the rest of it just wasn’t worth it. Definitely not worth $45. We saw two endings based on the final game decision, people in chat mentioned two others based on game/attribute choices, but that means there’s a lot of dialogue “choices” that are mostly meaningless.

Lots of odd little story problems–someone says they’ll meet you at a place after you go do something, you do the thing, go to the place, and suddenly it’s “What are you doing here?!?” Mechanics as well–you have a pistol, bit I’m not even sure the player is aware of that until you come to a sequence that’s designed to use it, and in that sequence there’s no reload or ammo mechanic,

I never played the pen and paper game, though I am aware of it. I do see the influence of old-school RPG mechanics in the attributes, but I don’t see a whole lot of use for them, outside of min-maxing whatever is needed to get a particular ending.

You must design or review games pretty often. Great writeup, and I even understood some of it!

Yes this was the game I meant. Sorry it wasn’t clear.