Is The Onion Somehow Altering Reality?

Many of us recall The Onion’s startlingly prescient election-day headline: Bush or Gore: A New Era Dawns.

And now we have yesterdays headline: Clinton Vaguely Disappointed By Lack Of Assassination Attempts.

Weird, huh? I wonder when, exactly, that lead was article posted. The Onion could prove to be one of the most important tools for social development that we have. I can just see the headlines now:

Scientific Breakthrough Allows Automobiles To Run On Urine

Britney Spears Loses Voice In Tragic Statutory Rape Incident

After Bumping Head On Oval Office Desk While Reaching For His Favorite Highlighter, President Bush Develops Eidetic Memory And Perfect Speech

Osama Bin Laden Comes Out–Blames His Terrorist Acts On Latent Homosexuality

Man, the world is going to be a beautiful place.

One wonders sometimes…
All that anger and violence- could they be compensating???

Followup: has tipped us off to this deal, whereby Dreamworks has optioned two Onion headlines for possible film production.

Life imitates art, art becomes zany teenage comedy.

Auto industry agrees to install brakes on SUVs.

Sounds of thumping, smashing, and insane laughter are heard as Mnementh flees, falling down repeatedly, and laughing harder than he’s ever laughed in his life