Is The SDMB Switching to Paid Subscriptions?

Really, you’d think that if it was, there’d be an announcement of some kind and that it’d be posted above every forum. And it’d be nice, you know, if it was just left there in perpetuity, instead of being changed at some point to reflect that the site was now a paid subscription site, instead of the freebie site it used to be.


He’s ranting about how the sticky says we are changing to a paid site. Seeing as we have been one for some time now. I sort of agree.

I believe Tuckerfan is commenting on the fact that the sticky announcement is no longer timely.

I’ve heard that there are people who don’t log in for, like, months.

Sort of like Breatharians.

Well, you know, then perhaps the board could do something like sending them an email, telling them that it was going to be switching to paid subscriptions or something. You know, maybe as a way of letting them know what’s going on. Just a thought.

That was an articulate and civilized answer indeed; however, seeing that we are in the BBQ Pit, your reply sorely misses a liberal dose of profanity. I encourage you to be more judicious next time… fuck!

Somehow, I think calling SENDMAIL 40,000 times, is not something the hamsters would want to do. :smiley:

You mean some MORE emails? I remember having received a notification to that purpose.

Can you explain to us what prompted you to start this thread? Just curious, because you know, as news goes this one ranks there with ‘Franco is still dead’.

You know, I’d completely forgotten that I got one of those too, until your post prompted me to look through my old emails (I’m such a packrat). Sure enough, there it was:

So I guess asking for an e-mail notification everytime some responds to a thread is out, too. Bummer.

Odd, I don’t remember getting an e-mail announcing the switch. Huh.


It might have only gone to people who had ‘Administrators can email’ checked off…

I think I didn’t but now I do.

So, Tuckerfan, couldn’t you find anyone interested anymore in arguing the merits of the Tucker vs, say, the Panhard rotary? :smiley:

Just thought I’d mention that I also received an email notification before the boards went to pay.

What? He’s still dead? Why does no-one tell me these things! Is it a conspiracy?

If the purpose of this thread is to give us a kick in the butt because we haven’t updated sticky threads, then our thanks, and a request for patience. We’ll get to it. It’s not like that’s been a first priority.

At 12:33 AM -0500 3/11/99, Ed Zotti wrote:

Please tell me that you aren’t keeping emails dating back to 1999…

Wait a minute, we’re on the web now!? Holy crap, why didn’t someone tell me?