Is the search function totally or partially inoperative?

I just tried searching for two words. After pressing the “search now” button, the screen redrew almost immediately, but gave no results. I tried changing the search parameters – specifing a poster or partial name or none, changing the date range and forum, and got the same results several times in a row.

Since I didn’t get the “You can only search once every 5 minutes” message, it looks like the search simply didn’t get started.

But just before posting this, I tried again, with a short time period, a single forum, and one keyword. It took about 3 minutes, but it returned two threads.

So I tried the original search. Page reloads instantly, no error, no search, no results.

What gives?

Just to clarify, I always use the advanced search. And I looked for, but didn’t see the older thread before starting this one, sorry. Maybe a mod can merge them?

I haven’t been able to search for anything. I have the same problem you describe and it persists after clearing cookies and temporary files. It just refreshes back to the search page.

I clear temp files frequently, but never all cookies (I’d lose all my passwords!) and never had this happen before. So that’s probably not a factor in my case.

Jerry has not been able to get back to us. I’ll mention this again.

I will also close this thread.