Is The Total Transformation Program any good?

I have heard many radio ads for The Total Transformation Program, a system that supposedly can transform any misbehaving child into a well-behaving angel. I’ve had trouble finding any reviews that didn’t look like poorly-disguised advertisements for the program, complete with multiple links to the website and ads for the program on the same page.

I found a mention on one website that didn’t have multiple links to TTP that they run an affiliate program for so-called “reviewers”-for each click on a link in the review they get cash back. I came across one glowing review that had six links, all leading back to the TTP site.

They apparently offer an affiliate program where they pay for positive reviews.

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I’d be more interested in published research than testimonials. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking on the site but there was no mention of any research in their FAQ page.

I wish you the best of luck with your obnoxious little brat but I’d be skeptical of any outfit that promises the world and pays for testimonials. You may do as well or better with a local child or family counselor.

There are some reviews here (link broken to keep spammers away)

You still have to go through some obvious shills, but you can find at least some people who seem to be legit in the comments.

I also notice this Amazon review from a paid marketer who, at the very least, admitted their conflict of interest and actually wrote about some drawbacks. Sure, it could still be a shill being crafty, but at least you get some ideas about potential problems.

I myself would feel more comfortable if they’d mention the actual behavioral techniques the system offers (which would let you then look for studies like 74westy suggests.) And, of course, I’d also feel more comfortable if they didn’t use so many bad marketing tactics, as the lack of negative reviews heavily imply that the product isn’t as good as they say. Especially with the survey/refund gimmick.

I do know that my old CBT psychologist (who I’m trying to get back with after a recent setback) still has some of the best behaved kids ever. So it is at least theoretically possible that behavioral techniques will help.

I don’t know the programme, but with all those adds and the dodgy overly-persuasive language I’m getting a “looks like a duck, quacks like duck”-vibe. Not sure what kinda duck, though…

Not that there is any particular reason it wouldn’t be helpful. Where I used to work in a children’s home we got very difficult children and with our structure and programme of love & logic we turned behaviour around all the time. It’s also that it’s easier in that kind of environment. Like any life changes, it’s all very well to read it in a book but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work in your real life. Like going on a diet: fewer calories in than out, right? Easy, right?

I dunno, I’m getting more “Looks like a quack, ducks reviews like a quack” vibe.

The radio ads I’ve seen offer the program for free to keep, so if there’s no risk, I’d say get it and report the results on the Dope!

:smiley: Ah yes, that must be it!

One time, I think on the Dope, someone posted some pages from the workbook they got. I read through it, and it looked like it was mostly work for the parents, things like reassessing reactions, work on positive reinforcement and stuff like that.

It actually looked very helpful - in a lot of circumstances, kids are rotten because the parents have gotten into bad habits - like yelling too much, being too permissive, etc. I’d take the chance, but be aware that the hard work is done by the parents - as it should be IMO.

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My best man, until recently, worked for Legacy Publishing who sells this. Prepare yourself for an extra salesy call during which you will be pitched numerous parenting add-on products and services. These will be closed assumptively; be careful of what you say yes to. Great effort will be made to take the subject off of money and onto an invasive discussion of your problems with kids and how you simply must say yes to everything to not be an awful parent.

He said, however, that he feels the base product was useful and worthwhile.

I purchased the program under the “return our questionnaire and keep the program for free” advertisement about a year and a half ago. Our daughter was quite out of control and making life difficult for everyone in our home. The program was helpful - it broke down a lot of her behaviors and explained why she did what she did. The doctor basically says that children with behavioral issues haven’t learned problem solving skills and act out because of that.

It wasn’t a miracle cure for us … our daughter has always been a handful. In May of 2012, our in-laws moved in with us for 10 months - that was really the boiling point for our daughter. Once they moved out and she began high school and had a bit of freedom instead of middle school teachers breathing down her neck, we’ve noticed a complete turnaround in her behavior. She’s still difficult, but to no degree near where she was.

Have I stuck with the program? No - not completely. It’s a lot to take in and remember. But it was nice to hear that we weren’t alone in this struggle. I did return the questionnaire within the time frame and got a complete refund - still have the cds and workbooks around here somewhere. If you want to get the refund, be sure to answer EVERY question in the questionnaire. It’s a massive questionnaire and I think they bank on the hope that people won’t take the time to answer it or that some questions will be left blank.