What's the straight dope on "The total transformation program"?

Is this program a scam? It appears that some reviews are planted.**

At least give us a link or a description

I think Scam is an overly harsh word.

Useful may be overly generous.

It’s certainly a profiteering project more than a parenting program. But as far as I can tell it will actually provide you with a parenting program for a price.

“parenting for dummies” is probably a better investment if you need help.

Here’s a link to the official website

Of course you must realize this is a commercial website and they are trying to sell you their program. So read it with that in mind

There was a thread about this a few months ago (I was the OP), and the general consensus was that this program teaches you, at a steep price, basic parenting skills that you can learn for free at the local public library.

Some of the major points include:
[li]Make sure that you act as the parent and not as the child’s buddy.[/li][li]Do not give in to arguing.[/li][li]Do not negotiate.[/li][li]Etc. etc. etc.[/li][/ul]