is there a bed with a hole for your face?

every time I get a massage they ask me to start by laying with my face down in that hole and I think: why isn’t there a bed like this?

it’s SO comfortable and gravity helps relax you so much you start to drool.

is there a bed made with one of those face-holes so you can sleep face down without having to turn your head to the side or risk suffocation? :confused:

This is kind of similar, although you probably shouldn’t stick your face into the slats:

I am sure it could be done, if it hasn’t already.

i found http://, but I was hoping for an actual bed rather than something you add to a standard bed.

I wonder if the people behind thiscan help you.

Or a bed that allows you lie comfortably with a loved one like this.

hmmm, maybe. took me more than a minute or two to figure out it’s a mattress with holes in it.

it’s nice somebody is making this - wouldn’t mind trying it out.

My wife wants a bed like this quite badly. We haven’t been able to find anything commercially, and I’m considering making something from scratch.

seems like this kind of thing should be easier to find - I’ll bet a lot of people would want to sleep face down and still breath.

or hug someone in bed.

I once told my chiropractor that I wanted to keep his bed so I could sleep on it. He offered to sell it to me.

Nice place for my face, nice places for my arms to rest on. Power assist to stand up if I need it.

I didn’t buy it. I couldn’t afford it. But if I ever have the money and a house again, I might consider it.

When I had physical therapy for frozen shoulder, the therapy place had a “positioning device” like this. It was so blissfully comfortable that I would lie face down on it after my therapy for as long as I could get away with it. Also, that side position with the shoulder fitting down into a notch was also wonderful because it relieved pressure on the shoulder and made it so I could lie comfortably on my side.

I ought to get one of these.