Is there a better cast listing place than IMDb?

A few years back, IMDb cast listings were pretty much watertight. If you’re wondering “Who’s that guy, where have I seen him before?” then all you needed to to is catch the name of the character he’s playing, and you could be almost sure that he’d be there, and be almost sure that unless it was an advert or something he’d be listed in the thing you remember him from too.

Now IMDb is so incomplete you can’t even be assured of major parts, let alone bit parts, being listed. Is there anybody else doing cast lists that my be better, or at least on a case by case basis be better than IMDb? There’s Wikipedia which will sometimes have a cast listing for a show that IMDb doesn’t, but only the main cast, but anything else?

It takes them time to catch up with individual TV show episodes but I haven’t seen a problem in general. For movies they do include a lot of uncredited cast members.

It still seems to be the most complete listing. I’m sure there are mistakes, but it has even uncredited actors. (I did find a speaking role I was looking for went uncredited in a TV show. That is unusual. But she wasn’t even listed in the show credits, either. Must have been a deliberate choice.)

Now, if you want to complain about others things wrong with imdb, I’m right there with you.