Anyone else dislike the way IMDB is now handling TV?

The IMDB is a great resource, but their new policy for cast listing for TV shows really stinks.

Instead of listing the actual stars of the show, they list the one-shots and guest stars first. Sometimes (for more obscure shows) the stars don’t even appear on the main page.

I understand the thinking: they want an accurate list of who was in each episode. But, at the very least, they should list the main cast at the beginning.

You can correct things, but that’s another problem. You have to go to each episode and indicate that the main cast was there. It’s time consuming and takes forever for a series if it runs many episodes.

I’d much prefer they let you pick an actor in the main cast and put a check beside each episode he’s in. Right now, the IMDB is pretty useless for much TV information.

Are you talking about listings for individual episodes?
ETA: But what really makes it a pain is that the way they want it, each ep should have the entire cast listed in order of their credits. Normally, this would be OK, but in a case like “Love Boat,” the guest stars were always listed first, then the main cast, then at the end the bit players.

Someone should really organize a posse to fix it.

Or the IMDB should hire more people to go through and fix their fix.