Is there a company that offers a DSL/cellphone package?

Here’s the deal: We figure that we’re paying about $50/month for our regular phone, plus $15/month for dial-up access, plus another $10 or so for various things like an internet answering machine, call waiting, etc…

Is there a company that would let us buy two cell phones w/ service, as well as high-speed internet access, that would be around $100/month? We really wouldn’t be paying that much more… That way we could get rid of the landline altogether [Airplane joke]“That way we could get rid of the landline!”[/Airplane joke] and have faster internet too.

I’ve looked, but all I can seem to find are DSL/regular phone packages.

I have phone and DSL service with SBC for around $50/month and they keep trying to sell me Cingular service to be tacked on the bill. I politely decline every single time.

Verizon offers phone/DSL/wireless service as well. I would go that route (already have and love Verizon Wireless), but they don’t have landlines in my area.

To my knowledge, no service offers “naked” DSL… that is, you’re required to have ome phone service with them.