Is there a female market for male hookers?

Every so often you’ll see a young guy proclaim he wants to be a hooker servicing only females though, and the idea is loudly laughed at. With everyone agreeing such a market is so small with so many suppliers no profit will be had, and he will have to serve both sexes if he hopes to profit at all.

Same thing for porn, it is often said the market for men for hetero sex in porn is so oversaturated in potential actors that doing gay porn is the only way to make money.

Is there a female market for male hookers, NOT male strippers? Of the escort service variety where a woman could call up and order a guy to her preferences?

I’ve seen ads posted on craigslist in the past, but it was hard to tell if they were serious or just jokes/hook up attempts rather than actual prostitution. They were no where near as professional as similar ads for female prostitutes.

My understanding is that, yes, it’s a much smaller market, you have to willing to service some truly unfortunate looking women, and you have to get them off, not just yourself.

There was a dude who was purportedly Nevada’s first legal male prostitute.

I’m pretty sure he got dropped without ever having a client.

No, he had a couple. But a tasteless interview where he compared himself to Rosa Parks and an undercover reporter who found him to be lackluster in the bedroom took some of the shine off his star so he went back to doing movies. Article.

Isn’t that part of the ‘profession’? - servicing some rather unfortunate looking people?. Women hookers would have to all the time!

Yes, but the service offered is different.


I assumed that the existence of male hookers (“escorts”) for women was common knowledge :confused:

I would have thought that there is a pretty fair sized demand for gigolo services. I can well imagine a scenario where a wealthy man, dumps his aging wife, and said aging wife then uses her ex-husband’s money to indulge in obtaining a male escort. Plus, men die younger than women usually, there should be a whole host of women who are bereft of husbands and not likely to be able to get a replacement husband. As said before, being able to “perform” with an unattractive partner is not the easiest thing in the world for guys, Viagra notwithstanding, so someone who can actually do the deed would seem to me to be in high demand.

Why would a guy being the first legal male hooker be worthy of a newstory in that case? And apparently he quit pretty soon.

This happened about 20 years ago and I don’t remember all the details. When I lived in California (SF / San Jose area), some guy started up a male escort service for female customers. He was running ads to attract customers, and it was obvious that there was sex for sale. The newspaper got hold of the story, but by that time, the business had gone under. In an interview, the entrepeneur said that the only phone calls he got were from guys looking for a job.

In my opinion, if a woman, however hideous, wants sex badly enough to sleep with a stranger, it’s not that hard to find a volunteer.

There have been lots of stories about West Africa being a Thailand for female sex tourists. A little googling can bring those up.

But here in Thailand too, there are certain bars that will supply men to a female clientele. I personally know of one bar that is open late and caters to female hookers. This is where they go at the end of the day (or night) for a bit of jollies themselves and let off some steam.

There’s a good story about ladies’ toy-boy bars in Bangkok here.

Wait, you mean American Gigolo and Loverboy weren’t accurate representations of the lives of male prostitutes? :wink:

So, if a female walks into a legal Nevada brothel, the ladies there won’t, umm, accept her tender offer?

Dan Savage recently answered a quite similar question (link). Savage discusses a number of different options and cites some experts (!) but all in all the answer is that if you’re a man and you want to make a living making sweet love to women, it’s going to be tough.

I guess that episode where Kyle’s Dad sues Chef and he (Chef, not Kyle’s dad) whores himself out to all the women in Southpark to get together money so he can hire Johnny Cochrane and get him to use the Chewbacca defence, is not very accurate.

Heidi Fleiss was scheming to open a “stud farm” in Nevada back in the mid-2000’s and was supposedly in talks to hire Mike Tyson (a notoriously good listener). For some reason it didn’t pan out.

I had thought one of the stumbling blocks to male prostitution in Nevada is that the laws specify regular cervical exams, which are difficult to perform on men. That “first legal male prostitute” article doesn’t mention how that was handled-- it says he was going to get registered with the state “tomorrow” and I suspect given his short career that perhaps he never actually became technically legal.

Yes, but there’s a difference between hiring someone for specific services and finding a volunteer. If you’re a paying customer, you have the right to negotiate the exact services you need . . . something that’s not so easy on a casual date, especially if you are past your prime/undesirable/suffering from low self-esteem or self-image. If you fall into any of these categories, your pool of “volunteers” is probably just as undesirable as you are.

And yes, I thought male escorts were common knowledge. There’s a difference between “first legal” and “first.”

It’s fairly common in West Africa and parts of the Caribbean, with the primary clientele being well-off middle aged career women looking to add a little local color to their vacation, and sometimes younger backpacker types looking for a good story.

When I’ve heard of it being done, it’s been as a “boyfriend experience” with a thin layer of plausible deniability. Basically the woman is on the beach or at the bar, and an attractive, well-muscled guy in his early 20s, often in “rasta” garb, strikes up a friendly conversation. Since the income differences are pretty stark, she starts buying him drinks to keep him around and the conversation flowing. Eventually she may start moving it towards romance, and he reciprocates. I have no idea how payment works, but presumably she gives him a “gift,” perhaps with some half-believable story behind it (“Here is the money you said you needed for your mom’s surgery!”)

I’ve been offered sexual services as a sort of “value-added” service on a tour in West Africa. It was offered to me quite cooly and straightforwardly as an option, presumably for a larger tip. I politely declined, and it never came up again. Quite bizarre.

I’ve seen photo menus of males in the changing rooms for Chinese spa/massage houses. My Chinese isn’t great, but the situation was pretty obvious.

There is a great documentary on YouTube, whose name escapes me, about male “entertainers” in Japan. They provide various entertainment services in bars (telling jokes, singing, pouring drinks and generally giving attention) and sex is often involved. Their primary clientele are female sex workers.

OK. I spent some amount of time on the (French) web to figure out the situation. Here are my findings :

-Reports, testimonies, articles about women’s sex tourism (Africa and Caraibeans) are numerous. This seems to be relatively common. However there’s a distinct lack of women asking, commenting or advising on sex tourism on message boards and such.

-There are some rare testimonies/posts about gigolos in the sense of living-in boyfriends for wealthy women. All about negative experiences.

-There are women seeking/asking about male escorts. Not that common, but not absurdly rare, either. Even though I didn’t read all the threads in detail, only once did I saw a response to such a query by someone stating she had been with an escort.

-There are men posting to offer their services as male escorts on women-oriented boards. The age range is 20-50. I can’t tell on the basis of such posts if those are wannabes or real experienced escorts.

-I found 5 sites of male escorts for women. All were individual sites. For some reason, 3 of them were based in Brussels. All were well done sites, quite similar to those of female escorts or male escort for men and appeared completely legitimate. All but one mentioned that they didn’t accept male customers. The one who did accepted only women and couples. There were some notable differences with typical female or gay male escort sites :

-Those men were older (30-45)

-Even though they mentioned their appearance/shape and provided pictures, they didn’t devote much space to that. Pictures were mostly of the man dressed and when he wasn’t (or wasn’t much) the pictures were quite tame. None mentioned the size of their penis or anything like that. Nor did they go into details about the kind of “sexual services” they offered (like : “I do this but don’t do that”), the only exception being the guy who accepted couples about what he would do re the man.

-Most of the space was devoted to the “relational” aspect of the encounter. Their attitude towards women, why they did that, how caring they were, how much they loved women, their great personnality, etc…

-There was generally more informations about practicalities (contact, where the meeting could take place, how the escort would organize it, etc…). The handling of the financial aspect of the deal was typically only briefly and tactefully mentioned.

Anecdotically, I found an article interviewing a male escort who happened to be one I had previously checked the site of. The article mentioned their extreme rarity.

And thinking about another current thread : none of them looked like a male stripper (I mean none was very muscular).