Are there really male prostitutes for women?

I assume that there are, I suppose, but they seem to be very… discrete. Unlike the opposite.

I am sure there are gay prostitutes for guys, though I haven’t looked too deeply into it.

Or any of it, I suppose.

But the idea that there are gigolos or man-whores, or whatever you want to call them, doesn’t seem to be prominently displayed, and the more I think about it, the less it seems likely.

What kind of woman would go to such men, anyways? Are they just like the men who seek prostitutes, or is there some other aspect?

For the most part they are Male Escorts and the business does exist. Essentially attractive and educated men act as companions to women to go out on the town and such, sex may or may not be involved.

One of my room-mates at University was a Male Escort, he said it was mostly older women who were either divorced or widowed who just wanted a companion for something like dinner or the theatre. He said he was “required” to have sex if asked but was asked maybe only 1/2 the time.

As for male prostitutes like street corner girls, no, I’ve never seen or heard of such. Except some sketchy urban legends about some clubs in Thailand… and then there ARE the “golden boys” of Bali who offer their services to women much the same way the thai bar girls do to men.

There are plenty of gay male prostitutes who are available in the same way as female prostitutes are… but being gay and male is like being a women, if you really want sex for free you can get it very easily.

Its being heterosexual and male where the “Free” part becomes tricky.

I’d consider becoming a male escort,if i can only find some women with a fetish for short geeky looking guys,with the physique of a speed freak. :smiley:
But really lets get to the point,if a woman wants sex she can get it pretty easily,that in itself limits the profit potential of male prostitutes that cater only to women.

Um, GuanoLad am I getting a slight odour of cough splutter, dare I say it, trolling here?

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you a cameraman for a particular variety of movie entertainment…the sort that you can only get if you are over 18 at the video shop, or sent in a brown wrapper from Canberra?

And you are asking if there really are male prostitutes? Surely you would know, one way or t’other?

Or did I miss something?


VERY :confused:

I am a cameraman of said movies. But I don’t know much about the sedx industry, it’s something I shy away from. Ironic, I guess, but true nonetheless.

I stick to what I know.

There are? Curse my guidance counselor!

I disagree; unless by ‘wanting sex’ you mean that all she wants is ‘In, out and put the kettle on’.

How do you get them to put the kettle on? They usually just collapse!

Nonono, the female is expected to do that.

In every major city, there are known areas – known to the people that frequent them, anyway – of street prostitution. Within those areas, however, there is a division between the “real girls” and the cross-dressed variety. (Mindful of the on-going discussion about self-identifying as one gender vs. merely dressing as one gender, I place “real girls” in quotes).

A long-time vice officer once told me, “If a man’s picked up street hookers ten times, the odds are he’s been with at least one male dressed as a female.” In other words, there are many male prostitutes whose target clientele are men; be they gay and looking, or straight and unsophisticated.

  • Rick

Have you really never heard of male prostitutes before? I thought everyone had.

::Cues up “Walk on the Wild Side”::

A woman could hire such a prostitute if she wanted to, but few would want to – or rather, few want to enough to take the risk. I have heard of some heterosexual (in personal orientation if not usual practice) male prositutes giving freebies to female clients, since it’s an unusual and welcome change of pace from their usual male clientel.

I think that in my area the gigolos post ads saying they give massages. The sex part probably comes up in their description of their work if you read the fine print :slight_smile:

I just don’t think I could ever pay for it. Part of the enjoyment is that the guy presumably finds me attractive enough to get it up and want to do it in the first place. The thought of some poor bastard desperately trying to “get wood” to service a client is just foul.

Likewise men who go to hookers - how can they bear to be sleeping with someone that isn’t turned on by them at all? So gross.

I dunno, I’d probably be pretty good at it. There’s probably only about 8-12% of all women that I fail to find sexually attractive enough to lust after. (Which, incidentally, is why appearance is pretty irrelevant to who I get involved with. Saying “she has to be sexy and pretty” is only slightly pickier criteria than “she has to be female and in possession of a pulse”).

There is also, according to Jane mag, an increasing demand for “clean” female escorts by “straight” women. The article is about an agency in London. I especially like the bit about the fully-covered Muslim clientele.

Both male and female prostitutes are discrete. After all, you can tell them apart.

However, they aren’t always discreet. :smiley:

Sure there are. They just call them doctors

it all sounds rather sophomoric to me. let’s be real…go into any club in town (any town) and there are 50 guys to 1 girl-and she’s usually a pig. it’s only the super duper uglies and 300 yr old ones who would have to pay. i think it’s an urban legend. except, of course, among the ultra rich who do weird and bizarre stuff that we can’t imagine and whom we’ll never see, so for all practical purposes, no they don’t exist. gays don’t count.

handsomeberry, if you can’t imagine the stuff the ultra-rich do, how do you know it’s weird and bizarre? None of the ultra-rich people I’ve known engaged in behavior I found unusual.


A close female friend of mine who lives in Miami recently told me that she hired a male prostitute to entertain her. She is really turned on by large male genitalia (I am afraid I don’t quite measure up) and this gentleman was well worth the money, in her opinion.:wink: