Is there a name for this seafood thing I got from a festival food truck?

This is going back maybe twenty years but I still remember it as one of the best things I ever got from a food truck.
I don’t remember what they called it. It was not a fish taco. It would be closer to a seafood gyro. (I Googled “seafood gyros” but only got results for seafood and gyros.)
It had chunks of fish, scallops and maybe crab meat in a creamy white sauce. I distinctly remember onions but I’m not sure if there were other vegetables. It was ladled from a big vat into a pita pocket. I seem to remember the sauce as being cucumber-y like gyro sauce but I may be wrong about that.
Whenever I am around festival style food trucks and trailers I look for them but never saw them again after that one year. I went back 4 or 5 nights during the festival just to eat them.

Recipes or ideas for how to replicate it welcome!

Found this recipe for Fish Gyros. Not quite what I was remembering but looks good!

I may give this a try.

I applaud your gastro-intestinal bravery. Really.