Is there a new Queen of Skankified Sluttiness?

Courtney Love has held the crown for over a decade, and has held off a number of contenders including Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim.

But now it seems her place at the top may be threatened by one at least one of the following:

Pink. She got a late start, but rapidly picked up ground with her appearence in the Lady Marmalarde video, and has gotten skankier by the minute. Granted, her descent into skankhood hasn’t been as rapid or as deep as some of the other contenders, but she nonetheless merits serious consideration.

Christina Aguillera. Like Pink, her appearence in the Lady Marmalarde video catapulted her to the front of the pack, and he actions since then have done nothing to keep her from the front of the pack.

The Hilton Sisters. Paris and Nicky have come from out of nowhere and appear to have taken the lead from Christina and are nipping not just at Courntey’s heels, but are ferociously biting her calves and moving on up to the thighs. They appear to have it all; limitless wealth, the willingness and desire to fuck anything with a penis, and a level of vapidness not seen since the Supermodel craze of the early 1990’s.

So, my question to you is this: does Courtney Love still reign supreme or are the Hilton Sisters the new co-Queens of Skankified Sluttiness?

AHEM, I resent the fact that this is even a discussion. I am the Queen of Skanified Slutiness. My coronation was last Tuesday. Carry on.

I am definitely NOT the Queen of Spelling or Previewing as you can tell. Just bow to the sluttiness

luluBahrain, I respectfully ask for some proof. My place, half an hour from now-- sound good?

I can’t really work out how you figgered Courtney Love skankier than Lil’ Kim. What gives, man? I know you have seen the Lady Marmalade video. Did you skip the part where Lil’ Kim was shaking her barely-masked privates agressively, attacking the camera with them, almost? The skank is overpowering. Maybe some moderation with the clown makeup? The plastic surgery? No? Gross.

Silly you, we’re talking about that curious condition of intertwined female sexiness and nastiness, not the little known eastern European nation.

It’s interesting to know we’re in the presence of royalty though.

I will be right there if you send the Concord up for me. The Queen needs special treatment

She suuuuuuuure does. And quickly.

The antibiotics aren’t working?

How dare you disrespect the Queen. I will spread Skank juice on both of you and let the worker skanks devour you.

“Skank Juice” would make a great name for a ska band.

Queen skank…

Worker skanks…

There are whole skank colonies?


Go to Panama City, Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale or Cancun during College Spring Break and you’ll have to beat them off with clubs.

Or flesh colored telephone poles.

Well, if she slimes me, I guess I’ll be a skank colony soon enough, Derleth.

Remember me, once I’ve been devoured, okay?

Um, I don’t want to disrespect our Queen…but may I just say that the Hilton sisters would make wonderful ladies in waiting? Those two are SUPER skanky. Especially that Paris Hilton…eeeek.

Not Pink, say it ain’t so. Comparing her to Lil’ Kim, even indirectly is just… wrong.

How does one become Queen of Skankified Sluttiness? Is it an elected position?

OK, that image made my day…

I think Tara Reid is a Wannaskank, myself.
Courtney has almost become a Wasaskank-her skankitude has just about faded into Queen Mother of Skank.

I didn’t vote for her.