Is there a place where you can get spare R.C Truck controllers?

My brother got this RC truck a long time (6-8 years) ago. We’ve misplaced the controller, so the truck is a little useless now. I’ve inhereted it, making sure that it doesn’t get tossed out in the cleaning rampages that sometimes happen. I’d like to get a controller for it so I can drive it around. I’ve tried all of the contols in the house. So far, the best one that’s worked so far is the control to my Ricochet, but it was a little jerky and couldn’t steer.

Where can I get a contol for this truck? For the record, it’s a Radio Shack Offroad Tiger 4X4. It’s also 27 MHz .

Sorry. I previewed. I really did. Control(s).

Well you might want to start at Radio Shack. You might be able to pick up a whole new car for the price of just the radio unit though.

27 MHz is a very common frequency for the cheaper genre of R/C cars. Try looking on eBay, or at garage sales. I’m fairly certain that all Radio Shack controllers of the same frequency use the same channels for the same commands; that is, you won’t get a 27MHz RS controller where “left” turns your car right and vice versa. I’m not absolutely certain about this, but I used to tinker with R/C cars and I seem to remember that such was the case. Good luck.

-Andrew L