Is there a PLAUSIBLE way for Trudy to be the Mother on HIMYM?

I don’t see it, but I think it’d be cool if Winnie Cooper was the Mother.

I see none. We know the Mother:
1 - Was an undergrad student at Columbia in the class Ted first “lectures” at.
2 - Is the roommate of the Grad student who realizes she’s gay after Ted dated her.
3 - Owns a yellow umbrella that she had left at a club during a St. Patrick’s Day (or maybe Valentine’s day) party.
4 - Is someone Ted has not met yet, but will meet at a wedding where he is best man. Either Robin’s or Barney’s, but probably not Punchy’s.

Point number four pretty much disqualifies Trudy, since he’s already met her, and she seems to have realized she’s gay after a one-night-stand with Ted (and a pineapple).

Nope. Anyone he has obviously already met can’t be the mother because he meets her for the first time at the future wedding.

It might be possible for her to be the random girl that bumped into him, because they didn’t meet per se and he might not even remember that. But pretty much anyone else we’ve seen on the show can’t be the mother (except for that ankle, who is the mother).

Ted is occasionally an unreliable narrator, but things that he outright states as facts tend to be reliable. So they’d have to either retcon, or come up with some ridiculous twisting of words worse than Ben Kenobi to do it.

This is actually the only part of the show I don’t like or care about. They could drop it and I’d have no problem with it not being resolved. If my dad ever sat me down and started telling me about all the people him and his friends were sleeping around with in their 20’s. I’d start getting uncomfortable.

On another forum I frequent someone said that they should get Ted’s daughter from the bookends to play the mother…she’s in her twenties now and it would be hilarious.

Supposedly, the writers left it open-ended enough that Ted could have been married off to either Victoria or Stella if the show had been canceled at that point. The show’s been renewed for two seasons now, so the writers can take their sweet time getting around to the wedding where Ted meets the mother.

Another detail, I believe at one point Ted said the mother was blond.

I don’t think she’s gay. She just had a drunken possible threesome with Ted and another girl.

I’m pretty sure she’s supposed to be brunette. Only because when he was talking about what would’ve happened if he had married Stella (who is blond), he had blond kids.

As I said in the OP, Trudy isn’t the Mother, per the evidence in the 1st reply, but I just thought it’d be cool if my 1st TV crush was the Mother.

Only without Ted.

Too true. Danica McKeller is not only hot, but she’s also a math geek. What not to like?

Maybe. We’ll never know.