Is there a scientific name for fear of being **** on by seaguls?

All the other people out and about are exposed to the risk of being pooped on by a seagul so why do I feel like I am the only one who thinks about it constantly and worries.
Sometimes put my hood up if I know one is going to fly above me.

In all my 25 years of life I have been ‘hit’ once and it was a pigeon, and it was barely noticable. I was able to clean it off before anyone saw. And years earlier a friend was beneath a particularly large release from an unidentified bird (it was probably a pigeon because we were stood next to a building at the time). So why, with one hit in 25 years, do I fear it every day?


Let’s see…the fear of, er, fecal matter is coprophobia and the fear of birds is ornithophobia, so the fear of being pooped on by a bird is ornithocoprophobia? :smiley:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Someone will be along shortly to voice their disdain towards the colloquial term ‘seagulls’, pointing out that they are ‘just gulls’.

We call 'em ShiteHawks here.

Seagull, Gull, Flying Rectum, same differences :wink:
FYI I live near the sea so the ones in question are sea-gulls.

But in my heart their name is ‘Bastards’

A gull took a dump on my grandmother’s head. According to her, she got a virus from the bird shit and it caused some of her hair to fall out.

Why is it not simply “guano”?

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