Is there a way to buy HD streaming video that works on both Android and Windows?

Sheesh. It’s 2014 and it’s still so difficult to just pay for a show. I’d like to watch the new Cosmos series in HD without ads and I’m willing to pay for it, but I can’t seem to find a service that offers that. Do they exist?

*Amazon has it in HD, but doesn’t work with Android (only Kindles).
*Google has it in HD, but only works with Android and not PC (you get the low res version on PC).
*Vudu only has it in SD for Androids.
*Hulu only has it with ads.

It’s like they’re just begging to be pirated. I can’t buy it legitimately even if I wanted to?

I watched both episodes on FOX. Just google “fox full episodes” and you’ll get a link to the list. I’m not finding information on what quality they’re streaming, and my TV does a really nice job upscaling when it needs to, but the picture looked nice to me. No commercials.

It doesn’t work on Android (uses a flash player). Thanks though.

Edit: If anyone else tries to use that site, I should also mention that it does have commercials. An awful lot of them, with the same ones played over and over again in one episode. But AdBlock Plus will get rid of them all, thankfully.