Is there a way to link mp3 songs?

In my iTunes library there are certain songs that I always want to hear together, but it won’t happen unless the medley comes in one huge file. I like using the shuffle mode most of the time, but I don’t like it when song A is about to go dramatically crashing into song B and suddenly gets cut off by some ditty from Finding Nemo (yes, my iPod has become the family music repository but that’s ok).

Is there a way to take two or more songs and link them permanently? I couldn’t find a utility in iTunes to do it. Is there another application where I can stitch the songs together, or at least paste one song into another’s file and rename it?

Once again, I’ll recommend the excellent open-source audio editing utility Audacity - it will do exactly what you’re looking for, and much, much more.

Assuming you own the CD and ripped the files yourself, you can rip them into one large file using iTunes. Just put in the CD, select the tracks you want to merge, select “Join CD Tracks” under the Advanced menu, then select “Convert to MP3”. When it’s done, you’ll have one big MP3 of all the tracks you selected.

Fixed link - Audacity - looks very nice!!


Thanks; I seem to recall that happened last time I tried to link to Audacity… hmmm… off to ATMB for a test, I think.

Thanks, I’ll check out Audacity.

Thanks for the tip on ripping CDs, Turek. These are mostly downloads from live music sources but on the rare occasion I do rip a CD I’ll keep this in mind.