Is there a website to see historical temperatures on a daily basis for a city?

I just watched a documentary about the Space Shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. I was curious how many days it was after the accident before it got above freezing and they could have had a safe launch had they postponed.

With my search terms I can find record extremes for a location, but not a daily temperature chart. Anyone got a link?

From the first Google result:

According to that, the very next day would’ve been 12+ degrees warmer.


What search term did you use BTW? I’m usually good at this but none of my terms returned what I needed.

I just searched for “historical temperature” and the first link was to

Go to, search for any city.

Scroll down the page to “History and Almanac”, and click [View] after “Detailed History and Climate”. When that page opens, choose any date, or choose Weekly or Monthly charts.