Is there anywhere on-line I can find weather history for specific places and specific dates?

Suppose I want to know what the weather was like in Pensacola on November 24th, 2007, or in Dallas on March 3rd 1996. Is there anywhere online I can find such information? I checked the National Weather Service site, but I can’t find it. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong area or maybe there’s somewhere better?

One way you could find out is search for several different newspaper archives for those dates and look at the weather section

For Canada you can get hourly weather from the past for towns and cities here.

Weather Underground has some good records that go back to the 50s. It is really hit and miss for how much data the query returns, so here is an example of what you should see.

The official observation records are keep by the National Climatic Data Center but their website is, umm, less than optimal.

That served my purpose. Thanks.

And thanks to everyone who replied.:slight_smile: