Is there an antonym for "Brrrrrrr"?

When I am on the receiving end of an unexpectedly cold blast of air or water, “brrrrr” is a convenient expression. When I jump in the shower and it is hotter than expected, it seems expletives are all I have. Does any culture have a proper antonym for “brrrrr”? I need a substitue for all of this cussing.

Phew, it’s hot.

“Phew” is a handy exclamation when you’re too hot, but I wouldn’t use it when scalded by a shower. Then again I doubt if many people would simply say “Brrrr” when covered in icy water :slight_smile:

Edit: beaten to it. Damn you, Харпо!

What’s wrong with “AAAAAAaaaaAAaaAaAaaaAaaaa!”?

I think the problem is that a natural bodily reaction to cold is to shiver, which sometimes causes your teeth to chatter, which is where, I think, the onomatopeoic “brrr” comes from. Being too hot just makes you sweat, which doesn’t really have an accompanying sound.

Mine is usually a voiceless rapid “Hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot-hot!”

“Whew!,” “Phew!” or “Yikes!”

I endorse this. :slight_smile:

Yes, but isn’t that location specific, for instance, when walking - okay, hopping - on hot sand at the beach? :smiley:

I would go with “Phew” - but it must be accompanied with a forearm wipe of the brow…just like “brrrr” must be accompanied by at least a shiver, and preferable a quick self-hug…

…just sayin’

I say “Sssssssssss!” to match the sound of my skin sizzling.

This, with an inhaling (i.e. sucking) f before the s. “Ffffsssssssssssssssssssss!”

Also used when in transit with a hot item from the stove or oven with oven mitts that are less than adequate, AND when in an already perfectly calibrated shower when someone in another bathroom flushes the toilet (but usually preceded by a loud scream and accompanied by a fumbling for the faucet handle to readjust the temperature until the toilet tank fills up, followed by a high-pitched squeal when the water pressure returns to full strength and is now far too cold).



“Son of a diddly!”

ETA: I actually say that in real life when things burn me. Before seeing that awesome “same day from three perspectives” Simpsons episode, though, I said “Yipe!” which infected me as a child because the Peanuts characters I loved said “YIPE!” when walking across burning sand or a burning parking lot.

Ned Flanders, is that you?

I can’t search at the moment (at work), but every time I end up in a too hot situation (shower, cannibal’s cauldron), I channel Bugs Bunny. Can anyone find the clip?

“FUUUUUCK FLOOORIIIDAAAAA!” is usually what I say when I go outside in summer.

“Hot enough for you?” because it will anger others.

No, “Hot enough for you?” is clearly the antonym to “Cold enough for you ?”.

I agree with either, “AAAAAAH ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh” or “Hot, hot hot hot hot!”.

The point is that it is composed of short nearly involuntary syllables.