Is there an easy and fast way to print the headlines and dates and views of my ten years worth of st

I want to make a scrap book/photo album (yes, on paper, I’m oldfashioned that way) and I wanted to include a print-out with the thread titles I posted over the last ten years. I figured they paint just as well a picture of my life the last ten years as would the more traditional holiday pictures.

I’ve experimented for a while with calling up “user CP” and copying and pasting in Word or Excel, but it becomes a big mess every time.

Does anyone know an easier and faster way?

I don’t see any way to do it.

Well, if you just want a list, not a database, you could just take a screenshot and paste it in Paint. Trim the extraneous bits - header, sidebars, etc. Viola - a list. Sure, it’s an image file, but it’s a list.

If you wish to extract data, then you will need someone with better insight. I would think there’s a way to export data from the SD servers as some sort of delineated list, but it’s outside my skillset. Maybe xash would have an idea.

Why not just use the Search function?

Go to Advanced Search, Search by User Name, enter your User Name and select Find Threads Started by User.

It will display a list of every thread you’ve started, complete with title; date, time and respondent of the last post; number of replies and views; and the forum.

Granted, you’ll have to print each page of search results (11 pages in your case).

Would this not suffice?

:smack: Google Chrome has a function to print each page I want. And here I have been making screendumps and transferring them to paint all my life.

Thanks all!

“Thanks all”? Like it’s over? You’re done here?

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Oh I know!
Is there an easy and fast way to print the headlines and dates and views of my ten years worth of star trekking?

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So… I was quietly celebrating my ten-year anniversary as a Doper all by myself, and then you guys show up in a bunch, handing out advice in varying degrees of usefullness, bitching about interpunction, offering virtual pie (or at least, the suggestion of virtual pie) and then snatching it away again.

Sniff… I couldn’t have wished for a more typical or better Doper anniversary. You guys are the best! :smiley:

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Thks for your post… very useful to me…

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