How to find an old thread

I have some printed pages from a 2003 thread. I’d like to see the whole thread again but when searching you can only go back ten years. Is there any way to root out a thread past ten years?

I would google it – put a specific and unusual phrase from the thread in quotes and google will probably pull it up.

iiandyiiii, you are wonderful! I did as you suggested and found it quickly. In case anyone is interested, this is the link, it’s about holiday recipes.

Glad to help!

Many of us find the Straight Dope search hopeless and instead always use a Google search: [search terms…]

This is not correct. You must have your search options set wrongly.

On the advanced search page, there’s a section that says “Find posts from

You must have it set to “10 years ago and newer”

you can set it to “any date”