Is there an easy way to tell if I've already posted to a thread?

On the old vBulletin site, it would display a little check mark next to the thread title if you had previously posted in it. (Actually, IIRC, the check mark meant that you were subscribed to a thread, but since you were automatically subscribed to a thread you posted in, it was essentially the same thing.)

For me anyway, it served a couple of useful purposes. If a thread title that I didn’t recognize appeared with a check mark next to it, it was a tip-off that a zombie thread had been resurrected. And knowing that I had posted to a thread, I could go find what I posted to make sure I didn’t wind up posting the exact same comment again.

With Discourse, there doesn’t seem to be an at-a-glance way to tell whether I’ve already posted in a thread or not. Or is there, and I’m just not recognizing it?

Enter the thread, click on the search icon in the banner bar, click the “Search this topic” box and type your handle in the oblong box.

Go to preferences → notifications and make sure threads don’t set themselves to tracking just because you’ve read it. Change “Automatically track topics I enter” to “never.”

Now you’ll be able to tell at a glance, because only tracked threads will show new posts on the category summary page.

This is telling me that I have two posts that I didn’t read last time I entered the thread and three that have been posted since the last time I looked at it.

Unfortunately, this won’t work for zombied threads older than the discourse change since none of those will be considered “tracked” by you.

I don’t think the OP is asking about a topic with posts they haven’t read, but about topics in which they have already posted themselves.

For myself, I just rely on memory, I haven’t noticed anything that will tell me whether I have posted in a thread or not. On another board I frequent (different software) it shows a star next to the thread title when I have already posted in that thread.

Type @YourName of you want to see your own posts

Look at the bottom of the first post, it shows you the avatar of who created it, who last replied and # of replies. See the arrow to the far right? Click and it will reveal all who posted in that thread.

Right. The only thread in that image which I’ve posted in is the Cyberpunk thread. The unread posts tally is also the indicator that it’s a thread I’ve posted in before.

Now I see what you’re saying. But that only works if the thread is set to tracking. So you have to change the “When I post in a topic, set that topic to” setting to “Tracking.”

I don’t have that setting activated myself, the only threads that I track are ones that I start myself. I want to be notified about posts in threads I have started, but not every thread I post in. Your approach could work if you have all notifications turned off, or if you like getting lots of emails from this board.

Ok, my preferences are set to Never for tracking when I enter a thread, and Tracking for when I post to a thread. So that means I will only see those little numbers for unread posts on threads that I’ve posted to? I suppose that’s good enough, although as you say, it won’t help much for resurrected pre-Discourse zombies.

Should work, yep!