How do I know that I've already posted in a thread

Aren’t we suppose to have a little icon showing us that We’ve already posted in a specific thread?
It’s hard to remember after a while, in which trheads you answered…

If you’re not sure, you can search for your user name when you open the thread. If it finds a post by you already there, you can read it and see if your opinion remains the same.

I think Ringo is refeering to opening the thread and using the “Search on this page” feature. In Internet Explorer, open the thread, then press ctrl+f.

Also, if you’re on the forum page, and haven’t opened the thread yet, you can click on the thread’s postcount indicator to bring up a little box that shows who’s posted to the thread. To be clear, it’s the number in the “Replies” column, to the right of the name of the thread starter.

It’s the same thing in Netscape (except it’s option-f on a mac). And if you’ve already done a search, then control-g (or option-g) will repeat the same search.

Depending on your browser preferences, you can also see whether the link color has changed, which will at least tell you whether you’ve read the thread before.

There is a feature of this bulletin board software that puts a black dot on the icons for threads that you posted in. They turned it on several months back and promptly brought the overburdened server to its knees. After a day of that, they turned it off and everybody breathed a sigh of relief.