Is there an internet site that will do this (mapping)?

I’m the president of a club that is assigned boundaries by our national organization. We need to rethink those boundaries, as we have many members who fall outside of them and we have a lot of new construction going on in our area. Is there a (preferably free) website I can go to where I can plug in our existing members’ addresses and have them pinpointed on a map that I can print out? My alternative is to do it by hand, which is fine if I must, but I’d rather not spend a week on something I’m not getting paid to do.

Where do you live? Google Maps will pinpoint addresses fairly accurately in many parts of the USA and Europe - not sure about other areas.

Is there a function in Google maps where I can plug in a whole bunch of addresses and have it mark them on a printable map? That would be cool. I’m in Raleigh, NC, so I could definitely use Google maps to find each address, I just wanted to avoid doing this all manually (there are a lot of addresses).

Not that I’m aware of: you might try contacting a local college or university’s geography department, and asking if some students might geocode a list of addresses for you.

If you go to Google and search on geocode addresses, you’ll get quite a few hits, many of which seem to meet your needs…?

ETA: This one claims to do exactly what you asked for, if I’m reading it correctly. Will do what you seek.

Great…thank you all for those links. I’ll check them out!

Download google earth and use the little pushpin feature to mark each member’s address. You can then print the maps in Google Earth.

You can also save the locations to a KMZ file and import that into google maps, as I’ve done here with a list of football stadiums that my officials’ association works at: