Is there any reason to be scared to fly on 9-11?

Yesterday, I was buying my ticket to Taiwan, and I had decided to leave the Monday after my sister’s birthday. I had talked about it for a couple of days, but it wasn’t until I was actually buying the ticket that it finally sunk in that it was Sept. 11th.

Personally, I’m not scared. There have been four Sept. 11th’s since the attacks, and nothing’s really happened (right?), and it seems like if anyone has any tactical sense they would not attack the US on the 11th.

However, my girlfriend, my parents, and my friends think I’m a little too unconcerned.

Is there really any reason to be worried?

Logically? No.

But then again, that day, like it or not, will always have a stigma, and even though it’s irrational I can see why it might make you uncomfortable. Just tell yourself that there’s just as much chance on that day of something happening as there is on any other day, and if that doesn’t help you then order a drink on the plane.

I don’t think there’s much reason to be afraid of terrorist attacks on planes, period. (Now, snakes… :wink: )

The point of terrorist attacks is the surprise. 9/11 worked because no one expected it. Now we know a 9/11-style attack is possible and how to prevent a repeat. Terrorists realize this. Whatever potential attack they’re plotting now, it’s completely unlike 9/11.

you could try saying:

The date of 9/11 has become an icon to us Westerners–but not to the Islamic world, which has its own calendar. Terrorists are more likely attack on a day which has Islamic significance. Look at the riots/attacks in Iraq–they are often timed according to Muslim holy days

But I doubt if that willl have much effect on your family–it’s an emotional thing, not a rational concern. In any case, you are safer in the air than you are on the highway driving to the airport.

Or, you can tell them to stay calm–because . as we all know, the TSA workers at airport security are top-notch experts whose dedication and professionalism will catch the terrorists and keep us all safe. :slight_smile:

In Taiwan they write the date day/month/year, so it is really 11/9. Nothing to worry about.

umm, i just realized that I used the word “icon” in its original sense, before Bill Gates ruined it for everybody…

(I wonder how many under 30’s even know the word existed before computers? )

Even if you KNEW that 4 planes were going to go down on 9/11/07 your chances of being on one are still pretty miniscule.

In the UK too.

In 2002 I left from Heathrow for a long trip on November 9 (that’s 9/11 to me). On flight number 911.

I figured the mere ridiculous coincidence level of that plane getting blown up made it about the safest place to be :wink:

Or this year, even! :wink:

I’m confused. You seem to be implying that there are people who DON’T drink when flying as passengers on a plane. Who are these freaks?

I would say that, unless you know of some terrorist plot involving airplanes that’s supposed to happen on 9/11 of this year, there’s no reason but superstition to avoid flying then.

Us poor bastards who have to drive home from the airport.

Poor baby. Forced to fly SOBER!

::teleporting Anne a box of tissues and a bottle of Tokay::

Now teleporting on 9/11 is something to truly be concerned about…

There’s no logical reason, and what would you be able to do anyway? If anybody told me to worry, I’d laugh it off.


I’ve flown several times on 9/11, and will do so again this year. My assumption is that, if anything, it’s safer, because people are hypervigilant.

If you’re really worried, plan your own terrorist attack. What are the odds of being on a plane where two independent terrorist attacks are being planned? :wink: