Who here is flying on or near Sept 11th? I fly on the 10th.

First off, I apologize if someone has a thread like this - I didn’t find one but I’ve learned that that doesn’t mean anything.

So I’m wondering who all will be hopping on a plane this September 11th. I will be doing a round trip flight all on the 10th up to Chicago. It hasn’t occurred to me to be scared of the plane trip - but it makes me a little curious about the airport and the safety inside.

Anyone else?


My brother flies from Michigan to Phoenix on the 12th.

I’m flying to Venezuela near the end of the month.

I wouldn’t be any more worried than you would naturally be for any flight.

Especially now that we know the terrorists’ modus operandi, any attempts alone the lines of what occurred on Sept. 11 are going to be met with violent resistance. They will all end up failed efforts such as Flight 93.

And I also expect that the mild-mannered, balding, insurance salesman-looking guy in Seat 26C will turn out to be a sky marshal who comes up bussin’ caps if they try any funny stuff.

Bombs are always a possibility, though.

I try to minimize the amount of worrying I do about things I have no control over. And I won’t live my life in fear of a bunch of backwards-assed barbarians.

I would.

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I’m flying from Amsterdam to LAX via London Heathrow on September 27. Nothing planned on September 11, but IMHO there’s never been a safer time to be on a plane than now - 9/11 included. Of course, just how safe that is is another matter.

SO will be flying back into the States on the 11th, just like last year. Hopefully, things will be calm.

I’m flying to Washington DC on the 11th. Should be interesting – I suspect security will be on high alert.

My parents fly home from their vacation on the 10th.

Flying to Seattle on the 12th. I expect peanuts, a gin and tonic, and tight security. I also expect not to carry much luggage to make me less annoying to everyone (especially me). And I expect to have a great time.

I feel like someone might have mentioned a “Don’t Visit Seattle” day sometime that weekend, too. I’m a double rebel!