Is there any way for me to search for threads about the show Mad Men?

I have just started watching Mad Men, so I thought I’d search for some early threads on it to see what Dopers had to say.

The words, though, are too short and too common. Search rejected.

Can this restriction somehow be circumvented?

Anything’s possible through the magic of Google!

Frankly, I hardly ever use the board’s own search function any more.

Maybe throw in the name of a character or two? We watched the first four seasons ourselves just in the past year or so. An excellent series.

I’ll usually put the topics in alphabetical order and go through the pages until I find the topics.

In fact, did it for you. The Mad Men topics start on this page. Just scroll down to them. Have fun.

Ahhhh, so there are ways to do it.

I’ll do the google thing from now on.

Idle Thougts, I appreciate you doing this, but I’m still not sure how you did it. Could you provide a step-by-step?

Thanks, all,

Change the display drop down so that it shows the length of time you want to look back. At the top of the thread list, you should see that the “Thread/Thread Starter” text is clickable. So are Last Post, Replies and Views. Click on any of them to resort the thread list accordingly (the default is sort by Last Post).

Never thought of doing that, Idle Thoughts. That’s an excellent suggestion and a method I shall certainly use in the future.