Two search questions (one answer?)

If I wanted to look through someone’s posts, going back years if need be, what’s the most efficient way to do that? (Fewest steps, most complete search history, etc.) Sometimes one poster will catch my eye and I’ll get curious about who he/she is, what his/her other interests are besides the ones I’ve come across by chance, etc.

And also if there’s a topic I want to look up that’s been discussed, I’m sure, in the past, how can I do a search that gives me all the previous discussions of it? Right now, I’m thinking of doing my semi-annual binge of all thirty-six seasons of MAD MEN, and I’ve found a few discussions of previous episodes but it’s a little tedious to locate all of them in order. What’s the closest I can come to getting a page of past discussions in order of the original showings? The ones I’ve happened upon are pretty good, btw. Hardly anyone who discussed them seems to be around here anymore (unless they’ve changed their usernames) but they’re a pretty sharp-eyed bunch.

Click on their username, then click on it again (or the avatar) in the box that pops up. Either Activity or Summary should get you close to what you want.

Something like this?
Use the advanced search to search for “Mad Men” in the title and sorted into reverse chronological order (because there wasn’t an obvious way to do it from oldest to newest).