A lot of things I don't know how to do with this new format

  1. How do I search a thread?
  2. How do I search for a past thread?
  3. When I want to find a particular post in a thread, how do I transfer there? They don’t have numbers anymore.
  4. How do I go to the first post of a thread if I click in at the latest post? That is, without scrolling AAAALLLLLthe was back?
  5. How do I find out how many posts I’ve made?

There’s a lot more questions I have, but maybe if I can learn the above, I’ll get by. Even after a while I truly dislike this new format. I don’t even know how to pay my subscription, and I don’t want to lose my Charter Membership status.

To search, look for the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. It has a “search this thread” option

To go to the beginning or end, find at the bottom of the screen where it say number/number, click on that
That gives you a quick scroll bar and a go to button which let’s you scroll by post # or date

Finally, click on your icon at the top right, then on the little head and shoulder icon. That will tell you more than you wanted to know

I don’t see that anywhere, the number/number I mean.

Are you posting from a desktop/laptop? Just press the “home/HM” button and that will take you to the top of the page.

For your #5 just click on your icon, in your case the purple square with B on it.

The magnifying glass will give the option to search this thread(click the circle" or all threads,

I don’t understand your # 3, sorry.

To search a thread, I just hit control-F and fill in the search term in the box.

I’ve found that i can’t search for a new thread when I have a thread open. I go to the main page, click on the magnifying class and enter search terms there. you can refine it by adding poster, forum or before/after a certain date.

On my phone, there’s a little notation 2/4 at the bottom right on the screen. If i touch it, a little window opens up with a scroll bar that can take you quickly from to to bottom, and also a button that says “jump to”. I click on that button and then type “1” or the last number, to go to the top of bottom of a thread.

Can’t do that, all I have is a flip phone

The interface is very similar.

They actually do have numbers. They aren’t “printed” next to the post, but that box that says 1/8 (or whatever) shows what post is on the top of the page. This annoys me no end, as i am typically reading the post at the bottom of the page, but they will be close. And you can position a post to be at the top of the page to check its post number.

Fastest way on a laptop/desktop: at the right of the posts, there’s a vertical slide bar to navigate through the thread. At the top and bottom of that slide bar, there are time stamps of the first and last posts. Click one of those stamps, and it will take you to the first post, or to the last, respectively.

To find out the post number, you can click on the date/time in the top right hand corner, or on the little icon of two chain links in the bottom right hand corner of the post. Both pop up a box with ‘post #n’, along with a link to the post and some other stuff.

To jump to a post number, press the ‘#’ key while in the thread. This gives you options to jump to a post number or to a date.

Some ways to do this have already been mentioned. Here’s another way: look at the top of the page, where the title of the current thread is displayed on the left next to the ‘SD’ icon. Clicking this title takes you to the first post in the thread.

Today I learned this. I don’t know that I would ever use it, but it’s good to know. Thanks!

Okay, can I get some more help? I’m trying to look up messaging contacts, either PM or email, for a poster who wants to get back to the SDMB, but doesn’t remember their password and such. If you PM me I can give you the username of the poster. I’ve poked around and found threads, old ones, they were active in, or even started, but when I click on the username I can’t find contact info. So I’m an idiot.

I’m confused. You are in contact with this person, but want to find additional contact info from the SDMB?

I think the general advice for posters who have lost their credentials is to reach out to @engineer_comp_geek

Not exactly. This poster said they didn’t remember which email account they used for the SDMB, and wanted to see if I could find it. I just looked at Facebook a little while ago, where I’m in contact with this poster, saw their request, got back with them and said I’d see what I could do. Then very quickly they got back with me and the point is moot, they have been in contact with engineer_comp_ geek. So maybe I’ll see them here on the Dope soon.