Is there any way I could ever meet the Queen of England?

Hubby and I debated this the other night. Is there any way an American commoner with nothing particular to recommend her could ever meet the Queen? I’m not talking about an audience, just a simple handshake in a reception line, or something like that. Maybe attend some charity function where the Queen is present?

You could always get yourself knighted. That’s my plan, but by the time I can pull it off, it’ll probably be King Charles III that would do the honors.

Queen Elizabeth II is the patron of over 700 hospitals, charities, academies and societies. Write a big enough check to any of them and she’ll be happy to let you deliver it to her personally.

President Clinton met her this week. Just hang out with him, and ask for an intro.

Actually, Lizzie’s coming over to my place for a little poker and some brewskis next Tuesday. Drop by and I’ll introduce you.


Shall I bring the bean dip and pigs in a blanket, or will they be provided?

I made Price Phillip laugh once, unfortunately Lizzie was Not Amused.



Thanks for asking. You’re in charge of the Beer Nuts. Her Majesty really digs 'em, so bring three or four of the big 1 lb. cans. 'Kay?

Try to get there around 7:30 or so. Dress is casual tiara, opera gloves and bowling shoes.

I hear that two of her kids are single. Maybe you can pull a Wallis?

You don’t have to go to all the trouble of getting knighted…earning an MBE should be sufficient! And water, if you want to be knighted, better start throwing them u’s into words like honors :wink:

You could always break into Buck House and have a chat with her in her bedroom, like some guy did about 10 or 15 years ago…

Quick Hijack…

If Charles makes it to the throne, it has been rumoured that he will not be Charles III, but George VII… this is due to the bad publicity the other Kings Charles had… It’s quite common… ahem… sorry, not unusual for the Heir to the Throne to change their name…

You beat me to it. Buckingham security sucks, or at least did up until’ that point.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark still hold public audiences. (Sorry, in Danish). January 8th & 22nd, 10:00 - be there at 09:45.

Don’t expect to be shaking hands or socializing, however - these are formal affairs. Correct attire and behavior, no snapshots - but I believe they’ve abandoned the requirement to walk backwards out of the audience room.

S. Norman

Well, it wasn’t a handshake but I took a snapshot of the Queen the last time I was in England (about 10 years ago).

We were outside Buckingham Palace and my younger brother and cousin were there. (They were about 10-11 years old). One of the guards told my brother that if he waited around for a few more minutes, he would get to see something great.

So we waited and a few minutes later a huge caravan of vehicles drove up to the palace. We were looking for maybe Diana or Fergie or someone. But right in the middle of the caravan was a muddy, green SUV and inside was the Queen! We snapped a picture as she drove by.

Apparently, the Queen had been out visiting with orphans or something and the car was completely covered in mud. I’ll see if I can dig up the picture and find a scanner. It isn’t very exciting but it is the Queen!

A few weeks ago a guy walked right up to the Queen on the street and handed her a bouquet of lovely golden flower buds. Her Majesty seemed pleased to receive them from her loyal subject. Her picture holding them was snapped and published in the newspapers.

Immediately the truth came out about exactly what those buds were – Cannabis sativa! The bloke who gave them to her was a Hemp Rights activist. He got exactly the publicity he was after.

Generally speaking, the British monarch only confers knighthood upon citizens of the realm. However, this site says:

Good luck, Lissa and waterj2! :slight_smile:

I met Prince Philip once more than 25 years ago. It’s not that difficult to meet the Royals, especially Prince Charles and down.

All you need to do is to find some function or opening that they’re going to be at. Line up with the thousands of other commoners and chances are they will stop for a photo op before going in. That’s how I got to meet him.

Of course the best chances are if you’re in England. And of course that was 25 years ago, I don’t know if security has really tightened up so much that that’s not possible anymore.

I really doubt that. OK, so Charles I was beheaded and Charles II wasn’t that great. But there were a lot of scandalous Georges too, including the Duke of Windsor.

The #1 name to avoid John. But there are other good names, William comes to mind, Richard’s not bad either.

I can introduce you if you’d like.
I’m her royal Avon representative, and I’ll be delivering eyeshadow and air fresheners in a fortnight. :smiley:

The Duke of Windsor was an Edward, not a George. Richard II and Richard III were both overthrown.