Is there any way to watch the TV show Perfect Strangers

I own the first 2 seasons on DVD, but that is all that was released. I don’t think any streaming services offer this.

Are there options or am I supposed to get my Balki fix on the street?

High, especially after the first two seasons.

I don’t like weed, I get lots of anxiety and paranoia on it. That would not make Perfect Strangers a better show.

Now cough syrup, I could get behind watching it after drinking a few ounces of that.

Be careful with the cough syrup! Remember when Balki mixed up a batch of the traditional Myposian cure for the common cold and Cousin Larry drank the whole bowl as Balki stepped away to get a teaspoon! A teaspoon! Cousin Larry was only supposed to take a teaspoon of the stuff but he drank the whole bowl!!!

He woke up one week later but his cold was completely cured.

Larry wanted to market it and make MILLIONS!-“MILLIONS!, Balki!” But it’s made from a plant that only blossoms once every 100 years.

Donnt be reedickyoooloes

I checked Hulu, Amazon Prime, and ABC’s website. None of them appear to carry episodes.

And you’re right that only the first two seasons and a “best of” collection were released on DVD.

So it’s looking like the streets.

Sometimes full episodes of abandoned shows like that one are posted on YouTube, you might look there.

Side Note: I probably haven’t seen the episode in decades but I still remember all the words to the Bibi Babka Song.

"When you’re rolling out the dough…

You might look on Dailymotion.

There are underground channels apparently, where other deviants go to get their Balki fix. I can always go there, but I don’t get why this isn’t available for streaming on a major streaming service.

There are lots of hit 80s shows that people my age would love to watch on Netflix, hulu, etc. I’m going to assume (perhaps wrongly) that the licensing costs are not high for these shows since they were on tv 20-30 years ago but nobody carries them.