Is there no NHL playoffs thread? {2024}

Stars just got to 3-1 against the Avalanche - and frankly should have swept Colorado by now if it weren’t for Dallas blowing a 3-0 lead in Game One.

Rangers couldn’t get it done against the 'Canes and New York’s lead has been cut to 3-2.

Was mighty frustrating to see the Maple Leafs get done in by the Bruins again, in a Game Seven.

Two Canadian teams are duking it out against each other (Canucks-Oilers.) Still doesn’t look likely that Canada will break that no-Stanley-Cups-since-1993 drought though.

My biggest disappointment this year is not that the Bruins one again are a poor playoff team, but that my 98-year old dad is rooting for Florida over Boston. I guess when your retirement is longer than any period of time living in previous regions of the country you develop an attachment to the local teams. He still hates the Dolphins at least.

I can’t believe the Red Wings still did not make the playoffs. There were all set, then went on a 7-game losing streak or something and blew it. They won two great games at the end of the season, but it was not enough.

Kind of amazed that the Bruins won tonight. Being down 3-2 can make for an interesting game 6.

Yeah I was looking for one last week. Thanks for starting this.

I’m not a Stars fan but I’m rooting for Joe Pavelski.

I do kind of feel bad about how America has deprived Canada of the Stanley Cup for so long. And our friends to the north haven’t even made it interesting (by which I mean taking the finals to a Game 7) since 2011, when the Vancouver Canucks gave it the ol’ college try against the Boston Bruins. Oh, well. I guess I’m backing whoever comes out of the Edmonton/Vancouver series alive. Picking Edmonton does have the retro cool vibe going for it, but it would be pretty neat to see the Canucks win their first Cup.

Why? Screw Canada, respectfully.

I blame them for winning so many Gold Medals in the Olympics since they let the pro’s back in, including a few against USA for the final match.

Half the original teams are American, including my Red Wings, anyway.

Note: I’m 100% kidding and not trolling. I don’t actually mind when Canada wins the cup. I grew up with Edmonton and Montreal winning a ton of them. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Avs sure made the Stars sweat it out, but Dallas eventually prevailed in double overtime, 3-1.

Screw the NHL and the CBC!

Canadians tax dollars have supported both these organizations literally over generations. And I mean LARGE funding.

But today Canadians have no way to watch the NHL playoffs without a paid stream.

I’m sorry, that ain’t right. Now you want to be capitalists out for profit?

Canadians should decline any and all funding to the CBC and the NHL. You want to be all capitalist, no big tax endowment for you!

There, I said it.

What on earth are you talking about?

I’m not really following the playoffs this year, but I had no trouble watching the playoffs in prior years on free CBC broadcast TV. It seems to be the same again this year. According to the NHL schedule, CBC is broadcasting all the playoff games as far as I can see. Here’s the schedule from CBC:

The major difference is during the regular season, where Rogers, which owns SportsNet, purchased exclusive rights but I believe still allows CBC to run Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. CBC was part of the bidding for the NHL rights but couldn’t afford to outbid Rogers. That’s not the CBC’s fault.

Maybe there’s something about your complaint that I’m not understanding.

Yes, well years prior, but not today. A paid streaming service is now required.

I’m sorry, but our tax dollars have been pouring into both these orgs for years and years. They have always provided free viewing on CBC. Not this year.

Both of these orgs would not exist today without those years and years of tax payer subsidy.

But Canadians now cannot watch their national sport on their national network, both long supported by tax subsidies. Low income seniors can’t afford streaming services. They’re reduced to listening on a radio, how nostalgic.

If it’s all about profit then no more subsidy from tax payers. They shouldn’t get to have it both ways, in my opinion.

OK, thanks, I think I get it. I was confused by the fact that the familiar “Hockey Night in Canada” (HNIC) logo appears beside every scheduled playoff game on the NHL schedule. The name and logo used to always mean “Hockey on CBC” but it seems they’re now owned by Rogers/SportsNet, so the logo no longer means the game is necessarily available on CBC.

In fact, I now see that, as with the regular season, the CBC now broadcasts only the playoff games that occur on Saturday night. This is actually a screwup with the NHL schedule presentation, because they have both the HNIC logo and the SportsNet logo beside every game listing. If a game is only available on SportsNet, WTF is the HNIC logo supposed to mean? :roll_eyes:

It’s all incredibly deceiving. CBC implies just download the GEM app. But, no actually, you also need to subscribe to the streaming service.

CBC did broadcast Saturday games, through the season, no problem. But now the playoffs, you gotta pay.

It’s shameful really.

They both have money to pay talent millions, but not let Canadians watch their national sport playoffs? Ugh!

I don’t know about the GEM app, but CBC does continue to broadcast Saturday night games. Tonight on CBC, Game 6 of Vancouver vs Edmonton is on at 8:00 PM EDT. I believe I’ll be watching…

Do you have cable? If not, then you have the additional problem that London hasn’t had a local CBC station in years. When I lived there CFPL-TV was a CBC affiliate, then they went independent, and now I believe are a CTV affiliate.

For those like me who haven’t been following closely and want to catch up, Vancouver and Edmonton are battling it out tonight in Round 2 Game 6 to face the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference finals. It’s a must-win for Edmonton to stay alive. The Eastern Conference finals are set with Florida vs New York Rangers.

Full bracket here:

Did anyone else see that game 7 from Vancouver? The Oilers were thoroughly outskating the Canucks the entire game to go up 3-0 with about 10 minutes remaining. Then the Canucks finally woke up to close to within 3-2. The final 3 minutes were a frenzy as the Canucks charged aggressively, but they just could not find the back of the net, to be eliminated.

I didn’t see it, but it sounds tragic.

Stars-Oilers and Rangers-Panthers now. It’s too bad there couldn’t have been a Stars-Rangers Stanley Cup and Mavs-Knicks NBA Finals at the same time, then there would be two teams who both play in the same arena going up against two other teams who also share the same arena.

I didn’t see the game, but good for the Oilers! I remember when their season standings had them dead last in the Western Conference, I think for several years in a row. Now they have a chance to shine and even be the WC champs!

Stars-Rangers are basically the same thing, as in law enforcement (didn’t used to be the case, seeing as how the former used to be the North Stars).

Yeah but the skates are hell on the turf!