Is there really a "Shop for Music Online" Win XP feature? Where?

I’ve seen a couple news stories today where gov’t is accusing MS of anticompetitive behavior again, because of some kind of “Shop for Music Online” feature in Win XP.


"The dispute centers on a design feature in Windows XP called “Shop for Music Online,” which lets consumers purchase compact discs from retailers over the Internet. When consumers click the link to buy music, Windows opens Microsoft’s browser software even after consumers specify that they prefer using rival browser software. "

I do not want a debate on whether this is actually anticompetitive; I just want to be able to find this feature or link so I can judge myself.

Where hell is this in XP? I cannot find it.

It’s not:
start:search:internet audio/video ?

btw it’s in the common tasks on the left - if you have that turned off you won’t see it

Hmm, don’t see anything like that in my “My Music” folder. I’m running XP Home, if that means anything. I cannot seem to make it display the “common tasks” for some reason in the folder view, maybe it’s there.

Ah, thanks Eleusis, didn’t see your post until after I made mine.

And I figured out I needed to remove the folder tree before it would show me the link. Thanks all.