is there such a thing as an "ebay agent"?

I was wondering about this today. I don’t know if there is such a thing as what I’m thinking of.

Here’s the the scenario: Let’s say there’s a person like…oh, I don’t know…me, who has various odds and ends, worthless (to me) stuff, and semi-collectible stuff of no use to me whatsoever. Let’s also say that I don’t have too much time or desire to sell 100 small items on eBay, for a total of maybe $200. And let’s say that tag sales basically force me to take an entire weekend and spend it sitting in my driveway. (I know, I could give the stuff to Goodwill or something, and I do make at least one or two trips down there each year with donations, but let’s just say for the sake of argument that I want to make a buck or two off of this stuff.)

Is there such a thing as a guy (a real eBay expert with lots of time to do it) who will take all of my stuff–books, clothes, sporting equipment, the whole lot–sell it on eBay to the highest bidder, charge me a small fee, and split the profits with me? I’m happy because I’ve made, say, $100, plus I’ve gotten rid of some clutter around the house; he’s done something he’s probably going to be doing anyway, and he’s made $100 for a couple of hours’ work. One hundred people around the country have gotten some great $2 bargains too. Everyone’s happy!

So, is there such a thing as a professional eBay agent? Or did I just invent it? If it doesn’t exist, let’s make it happen. Someone could make a boatload of money doing other people’s selling for them. I’d certainly pay someone a few bucks to do it, and I know I’m not alone…

Who pays the ebay fees if nothing sells?

Yes! And these magical people are called “Trading Assistants” - go here to see if there are any TA’s in your area.

Excellent! I’ve found several trading assistants in my area. They seem to typically charge 25% of the final sale, plus various fees. Now I will have to contact them and see if they do little odds-and-ends type stuff, or just large items.

Thanks a lot!