Is this a real Rolex?

eBay auction here.

I don’t need another watch, and in any case an Omega Speedy ‘Moon watch’ is next on the list. But I’ve always liked the blue-dial, non-arabic number, Air King. Its design is simple, clean, and classic. It appeals to me in a retro mind of way. But as I said, I don’t ‘need’ one. (Yet. :wink: ) I like to look at Air Kings from time to time though, just because I like the way they look.

So here’s the thing: The auction shows an Air King with diamonds on the dial. Was that an option that was ever offered? (I don’t recall that it was, but I don’t know.) It also seems strange that anyone would put diamonds on Rolex’s cheapest watch. That raises some red flags. The seller has one negative comment, where the buyer claims the watch he bought was fake. The seller disputes the claim ‘1000%’.

So is it counterfeit? Is it real, but with an after-market (i.e., fake) diamond dial? Or is it real?

As the seller already has sold one Rolex, buyer claims it’s fake and the seller has another? How many people have two Rolexes and want to sell them on eBay?

Time and Gems.

I say fake.

Many Rolexes (esp those sold overseas) get some post-sale after market pimping up so add ons like iamonds are not a sure sign of fakery, though (IMO) they would usually diminish the resale value of the product. High value items that are widely and skillfully counterfeited are something I would stay away from on eBay unless they seller has massive good feedback. Without your ability to put your hands on the product it’s a pig in a poke.

The first line of text in the description says “All diamonds are aftermarket.”

I don’t know if that calls the authenticity of the whole watch into question. I always wonder if a seller has one neg feedback for a fake, how many other fakes has he sold to buyers who just couldn’t tell or didn’t bother to leave feedback?

I completely missed that.

Lots. This guy is not selling a watch out off his dresser, he looks like a dealer who has sold lots of watches. Has 164 bits of feedback last 12 months, only 2 negatives.

However, this does not prove it’s real and it does not prove it’s fake. You can’t tell that without examining the watch.

All I know is, there seem to be an awful lot of scratches around the crystal for that supposedly MINT condition watch.

My friend asked me if my Rolex was genuine, and I said if it was not, I was gypped out of five bucks.

Two of his last seven feedbacks are negative. In my book, if someone has more than one negative per 100 feedbacks they are doing something wrong. Do not buy this watch. Better, more auspicious sellers are out there.

I’m not thinking of buying this, or any other watch.

I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was in China, just for the hell of it, I bought a counterfeit copy of a Rolex I already own. I compared them side-by-side to check, and they’re identical. Without opening it up there’s no way you could tell the copy from the real thing. Also, the seller gave me the option of buying a counterfeit receipt, papers, and packaging. I would never buy a Rolex over eBay.

They got it perfect? Usually they have the wrong power on the little lens over the date, or the fonts are slightly off. I’m impressed, though not surprised.

I wouldn’t buy a Rolex from eBay. Besides the risk of being counterfeit, there are lots of stolen Rolexes on the market.

For online, I like Bernardwatch. They are a reputable place that sells nothing but watches and lots of them and they know their product very well.

We sell perhaps 20-50 REAL previously owned Rolex watches on ebay every year. We know the difference between the real and the fake, and it usually doesn’t involve opening the watch.

Having said that, I’d be inclined to think that this guy is the real deal, having been on Ebay for 10 years and had a great reputation. I’d buy it as genuine if I wanted that watch. But, who would want an Air King? You can’t give them away. And, yeah, probably an aftermarket dial.

Not to deviate from the topic too much, but when you say “usually,” does that mean that there are fakes that are so good that an experienced seller would need to open the watch to tell if it was a fake? I couldn’t tell the difference, but other than the watch I wear I don’t spend too much time looking at watches.

Note: my understanding is that there a grades of fakes, and I got the highest grade fake ($30 rather than $5).

You may have gotten a better grade of fake, but not the best.

We’ve seen fake Rolexes and others such as Brietlings and others in the last two years that are simply amazing. It’s my understanding that these can cost up to $200 out of the Far East. Their attention to detail and quality are, again, amazing. They would fool many jewelry stores that deal in these watches.

Just to add: one of our buyers bought a Breitling in the last year. New list price of the real watch+about $2000. It was lightly used, we paid about $400. We showed it to a Breitling dealer locally, not that we don’t know what we’re doing. He pronounced it genuine. He called us back a few days later and said it was fake. Serial number matched a few that have been observed in the wild. I’m again emphasizing, they make some scary stuff out there.

But, I think the seller on Ebay is probably a legit guy.

Give one to me, then! To answer your question, I like the Air King because it’s the bottom of the line. And, as I said, it’s retro. But I don’t want the one I linked. I’ve no use for diamonds, and I’d want a plain watch.
samclem, maybe you could answer this for me: I took my GMT II to the jeweler yesterday for an overhaul. When Rolex gets it, do you think they’ll give me crap about the bracelet? See, the Jubilee bracelet had been discontinued on that model. I found a jeweler who had a new, original Jubilee bracelet with the correct end links, and put that one on in place of the Oysterlock. Now, the GMT II was fitted with a Jubilee bracelet at one time; but since it wasn’t offered on the year my watch was made, I wonder if they’ll get all pretentious an’ shite?

You might be in for a rude awaking here. Rolex is very proprietary about their product. Anal.
I’ve got a call in to our best guy at work about whether they’ll reject it or not. Might not answer until tomorrow night.

Yep. They’re not all that.

If they don’t want to work on it, I’ll just put the Oysterlock back on it; or else send it in sans bracelet.

Thanks for putting the call in.

Yes, the attention to detail is amazing. I am sure the copy had a little “Made in China” stamped on the back just like your original! :wink:

I wanted one, got it and love it. :frowning: It’s good for day to day use, I don’t worry about scratching or scuffing it and I didn’t have to trade in my first born for it either.