My thread regarding Rolex watches--Prematurely closed

I posted this question about Rolex watches.

Manny, I beg to differ. The General Answer to my question was not “because people want one”. That General Answer goes to a different question which I did not ask, to wit “Why do retailers sell Rolex watches?”, or possibly “Why does the Rolex Company manufacture so many Rolex watches?” I didn’t ask those questions. I asked what the advantage of owning a Rolex was. I was hoping for some enlightenment as to the care and craftsmanship that goes into creating these watches, the selection of materials that go into them…in short general information. What’s more, as I pointed out, the time is long past when only expensive=accurate wrt watches. This being the case I felt it was a topic worthy of elaboration. There are very few articles of commerce about which the same claim could be made. Certainly not cars or houses, for example, where “expensive” usually does mean “better” and vice versa.

You could’ve moved my thread if you didn’t think it belonged in GQ but I don’t think it should have been closed.

It’s called email fucker. use it.

How dare you use that tone with me. Let me point out that the Pit, according to the blurb on the boards index, IS the place to post questions or complaints about the adminstration of the board. Please read the following excerpt:

The BBQ Pit
If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB

The defense rests.

How do I dare use that tone with you? Easy. You’re acting like a fucker, I call em like I see em. Don’t like it? Then don’t act like a motherfucking whiny little bitch.

Why would you post this here? Because you’ve got a problem with Manhattan and want to give others a place to snipe at him? Probably not, yet that’s the exact effect. Is there any reason whatsoever you couldn’t have sent him an email asking this question?

Again, if you’re going to act like an idiot, you’ll get called on it. Especially in the pit.

Oooh, you’ve hurt my feelings so bad. What business is it of yours anyway? Or are you trying to curry favor with the
mods by beating up on anyone who dares complain?

I apologize for being so obtuse, but, try as I might, I can’t see anything in the phrase “This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” to say I shouldn’t post a complaint here. Quite the opposite.

OK maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Manny by name. I could have just said ‘the moderator’. I’ll grant you that. But I think I have a valid point. Suppose we just back off and let Manny answer. I’ll read what he says and try to abide by it. Hopefully he’ll answer it soon soon and then close the thread.

What business is it of mine? Are you that incredibly fucking stupid? You posted on a fucking public message board. You see why you’re a fucking idiot? If you just wanted a message from Manny email him. If you want a bunch of assholes to come by and alternately slam Manhattan for picking on threads again :rolleyes: and you for posting this, then post away.

You still haven’t answered why you didn’t just email him, fucker.

how about reading some other forum descriptions:

General Questions: Got a question for the Teeming Millions (and possibly Cecil) to consider? Post it here

In My Humble Opinion
“What’s your favorite …?” For frank exchanges of views on less-than-cosmic topics. This is also the place for polling

My guess is that your original thread was more suited for IMHO than GQ (you weren’t looking for why a specific person would buy a rolex, you were looking for reason(s) why people would do it, sounds more like a poll to me.)

Since you’re not a new poster here, Manny opted to close the thread vs. move it. Seemed clear to me.

With a handle like oldscratch, you have to expect him to say what he says. It is his job. Of course, when you post in the pit you can expect to get burned.

Manhattan is good at closing posts without explanations or closing them with some snooty reply. That is what he does. Chronos doesn’t seem so zealous. Personally, it would be better for the moderator to simply move it to a more appropriate board, and I don’t want ANY bitching about how difficult that is.
As far as e-mailing the mods, I tried once about a closed thread and got no reply.
Now lets hear some ranting from others. I’m tired of both of you.

oldscratch is always a bit of a jerk, just ignore him.
(Have you seen his picture? He has african style stretched earlobes. Just picture that when you read his stuff.)

It’s not difficult at all, but it does provide an extra burden on the server. Something a mod might not be willing to do when the board is in full swing. Bear in mind: when I’m moving a thread at lunch time (Chicago, say), it can take a good 6 or 7 minutes to pop up in the appropriate forum. I might do it for a newbie, and I might tell a reg that he ought to know better. I suspect manhattans reasoning is not unlike mine.

If that’s bitching, so be it.

Ender sips his margarita as he watches the Wimbledon volleys back and forth.

“Jolly good show!” he cheers. Suddenly a shadow looms above. All look up.

What’s that coming out of the Enola Pit Meister?

oh crap…

Oh. My. God. “The defense rests.”?? What?

Manhattan closed a thread that was not suited for GQ. Big deal. He closed it because it’s a lot easier to close a thread than it is to move it. Start a similar thread in IMHO if it’s so damn important to you. The administration appoints certain posters as moderators because they believe these posters will do a good job. They’re right. If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. And quit your bitching. Whiny Manhattan pit threads are SO four months ago and, in case you haven’t noticed, they rarely produce results different from this thread.

Cooldude says:

Is there some requirement that says mods have to explain their actions when they close a thread that so clearly doesn’t belong in a forum?

Whine, whine, whine. Can I see some real tears? Please?

And I am like, SO going to listen to you. :rolleyes: Moving a thread can take a long time. Sometimes moderators (who do have real lives) don’t have a whole bunch of time to waste sitting around cleaning up because some half-wit didn’t read/understand the forum description. Moving threads also drags down the servers, slowing the message board down. I don’t know about anyone else, but it sure is an inconvenience when I have to wait 15 minutes for a page to load because some dipshit didn’t follow the rules.

Pit Meister said:

Pit Meister is always a whiny bitch, just ignore him.

Oh my fucking god, are you serious?? Holy shit! That’s horrible! Stretched ear lobes? You don’t say?? Jesus fucking Christ, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard! :rolleyes: Go back to jerking off to goat porn, or whatever it is you were doing before you came here, you pathetic waste of skin.

To save everyone some time, I repackaged the question as a rant and put it here:
The BBQ Pit >What’s the point of owning a Rolex?

Now we can go back to the real question: “Rolex? What’s up with that?”

*Originally posted by Silver Fire *

Pitmeister is a poser. You, are the real pitmeister, although “pathetic waste of skin” is a lackluster finish. I expect more from you. Now if i can just find some goat porn so I can jerk off.

What’s with all the people who are fixated by goats?
Is this a trend I’ve missed?

Your problem with “african style stretched earlobes” is?
Actually his earlobes are hardly stretched that much. Even so, why would it be worth pointing that out here? I guess if you see a pic of me currently you’d say “You ever seen doob? He has a fuckin’ bar running through two holes in one ear!”

Also, you’re one to talk about people “always being a bit of a jerk”.

Kettle,you’re black - Pot.

I don’t think it’s fair to attack someone for having a comment or question about moderation and putting it in the forum intended for that. If that was inappropriate, why would they have that as part of the forum description? Why don’t they just say ‘If you have a question or comment about forum moderation, email this address’?

There are many reasons to post questions here rather than emailing them. For one thing, if it’s something that has come up before or is general board knowledge, someone will probably respond sooner than an email would be responded to. Secondly, not all people are comfortable giving up the kinds of personal information attached to their email address to strangers. Yes, you can set up an anonymous webmail account, but why go through all that trouble when there’s a forum for this kind of stuff?

When you phrase it that way, you are solicitng opinions. Therefore, it would belong in IMHO.

Then your thread title should have reflected that. You didn’t ask “What kind of materials and craftsmanship go into making a Rolex watch?”. You asked, basically, “What’s so good about a Rolex?”. That’s not the same question rephrased. In the first, you are asking for objective, informative answers. In the second, you are soliciting opinions. If you want to know about care and craftsmanship, then you should ask about them in a direct and objective manner.

Why should manhattan need to clean up after posters who have been here long enough to know by now what forum to start their threads in?

How can you say it belongs in IMHO? HOw is it asking for an opinion to ask what’s so good about a Rolex? We know it has status value, and that some people are willing to respond to that alone. I wasn’t interested in that aspect of the matter. Still less did I want to solicit a debate on the socioeconomic implications of owning one. I wanted simple facts. I concede that my phrasing may have unintentionally invited opinions and debate, but I disagree with your implication that it invited only those things and hence didn’t belong in GQ. I think the text of my OP made the intent clear. If this is becoming a problem, then maybe we shouldn’t be allowed to post any text when we open a thread.

“Motherfucking whiny little bitch?” Your tough street rap is soooo scary. Are you going to come after me with your posse? You sound like Herbert Kornfeld of The Onion (q.v.)