Is this all true? [Do bankers rule the world?]

Some one posed this on a newsgroup. It’s about the way bankers run the world:
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We have to watch a three and half hour video before answering? Could you give us the Cliff’s Notes version?

Any statement along the lines of:

…it’s about the way [bankers/jews/illuminati/muppets/liberals] run the world…

…starts warning bells ringing in my head.

A précis of this video would be helpful.

I’m about 2.5 hours into it.

Appears to be about the jogging habits of international financiers.

Nothing to see here.

I’d watch it just for the muppets.

I was only able to get to the point where the guy pointing at me with the pencil was talking about “they” and their plans as if there is some sort of Giant World Secret Cabal that Rules Everything. ( I think this is about 60 seconds into it.)

So…nope. It’s not all true because the opening dialogue is nonsense.
Feel free to ask about anything specific that is mentioned after that, though.

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This idea is so inane it beggers my imagination. Which takes a lot of work to do. Bankers can’t even guarrantee they won’t go out of business.

Is this a troll just to get us to view the video?

Besides, everyone knows it’s the mice that rule the world.


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That’s certainly a lot of documentary to have no basis in truth.
He’s brandishing that pencil like a pipe, to make him look like he knows what he’s talking about.

Does he or doesn’t he? Are bankers responsible for everything that goes on in the world?

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It uses a lot of the “traditional” code words that the Zionist conspiracy types like so much (“international financiers”, “international bankers”, “cosmopolitans”, “New Yorkers”, “media magnates”, etc.), but it doesn’t seem to be openly anti-Semitic.

I tried Googling for the group(s) behind it and didn’t find anything… but (a white supremacist site) is promoting it. Whether that’s because they think the filmmakers are speaking their language (ie. evil bankers=Jews) or because they’re actually speaking their language, I don’t know.

ETA: One of the film’s big assertions- that the Federal Reserve system is a private institution, not a government agency- is really big with white supremacists/racists/racialists/separatists/whatever they’re calling themselves these days.

In my experience, “bankers” is code-word for “Jews” in conspiracy-speak. So is “trillionaire.” If you ever see a book, or essay, or video claiming there are trillionaires out there, run.

I mentioned this in the other thread, but I note that just 16 minutes in, the narrator talks about how 200 years before Christ, “Two Roman emperors” tried to reform usury laws.

200 years before Christ, there weren’t any Roman emperors, because there was no Roman Empire. Rome was a republic then, with no emperor.

There were various other fast-and-loose-with-the-truth bits up to that point, so I gave up.

For the one who questioned my trollabilty no, I’m not a troll…but this was posted by a considered troll in a newsgroup. Why I took notice is he said the jews were responsible for the usa civil war (most of us think it was to liberate the slaves). I asked him why does he say that; he directed my to about 1:10 in the video where it quotes Lincoln saying that in essence he’s not worried about the slavery issue and so on. seems Lincoln was more interested in the money…green backs and silver. That was a shocker for me, if it is true. Then further on Lenin was lamenting that he realised he was not in control of the revolution but it was others behind the scenes… International bankers so to speak… I don’t care if they were Jews or Mongolians, more power to em.
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This is wrong: The Civil War was to liberate the slaves in that the South left the Union due to slavery and explicitly mentioned the fact numerous times in official documents (state constitutions, declarations, etc.) Saying ‘Jews Did The Civil War’ is nuttery on a level with ‘Jews Did 9/11’ or ‘Jews hate mudkips’.

Lincoln was a politician. He lied. He was writing to Horace Greely, and he told Greely what he wanted to hear. The fact the letter goes directly counter to a lot of his other remarks on the subject of slavery is curiously ignored by some people.

No, not really. America was on the gold standard then and I don’t even think bimetallism would be an issue until a while after the war.

By ‘International Bankers’ a lot of people of that era meant ‘Jews’. I don’t know if Lenin was especially antisemetic (Stalin sure as hell was), but Lenin would have been ranting against bankers anyway: Communists don’t like banks or bankers.

In virtually yours’ defense, anti-bankerist (I made up that term) feelings are massively more prevalent at the moment than anti-semitism, what with the crisis on and all. And Lobsang, you may have noticed by now that with the free posting, a lot of old members are now “guests”.