What is the (supposed) hierarchy of the people who run the world?

This might sound a little frivolous, but I’ve often wondered about this. You have the CFR, the Bilderbergers (sp?), the Freemasons, the Rockefellers, the UN, etc. Just how is this all supposed to fit together? Who is telling whom what to do? Who is supposed to be the “top” organization?

You forgot the big one…the ILLUMINATI!

As Paul Simon wrote in “the Baby in a Bubble” A loose affiliation of millionairs and billionairs.

I am starting to think MS, GE, AT&T, P&G, GM, and th elikes are getting closer to having the last word in any affair by the day

You also forgot the “trilateral commission”

Personally, I think it’s the Hanseatic League. They only CLAIM to have disappeared by the fifteenth century …

It’s the Oil Companies.

Here’s the basic heirarchy:

If you want an “expert” opinion, read Rule by Secret by Jim Marrs. In short, the Bilderbergers and the Rockefellers control all the money in the world. It makes for some interesting reading at least.

I thought everyone was blaming the bankers, the media and the Jews.

I had a friend who thought the Mormon Church was about to tie up with the Mafia to rule the world. But he also drank a mixture of scotch and root beer, so I never took him too seriously.

Having just returned from a family reunion, I’m inclined to say my wife’s family thinks they’re in charge of it all.

…and that would explain why it is so messed up.

Illumanti by SJgames

Excellent card game of conspiracies, where various rival grand conspiracies work to accomplish their goals and so you can have the Society of Assains controling the Pentagon who in turn control the Biker Gangs and the Republicans.
Also GURPS Illumanti and the Suppressed Transmission books, also publised by SJgames (whose website is http://www.sjgames.com). Both of these deal a lot with conspiracies, bizare theories and the like. Just flipping through the biblography of the first Supressed Transmission book will give you tons of things to read by crack pots plotting out who controls the world.

Personally I think the secret bloodline of shape shifting reptoids, one branch of which is the royal family of England, is the most plausable.

Dr. Clayton Forrestor and TV’s Frank.

From what I can tell, the Illuminati aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.