Is this how it is now?

Now I really feel bad!

I’m not the most macho looking guy around, but I figured that, on the average, there are many, many guys out there who look goofier than I do. I’ve been thinking about starting to get into the dating scene again, after avoiding people for several years after my last and very nasty break up.

While prowling the web, I stumbled onto this site and prowled the party bar pictures.

I felt intimidated by all of those above average looking guys! What happened since I was out in the bars last? (Around 5 years ago.) Guys that look like them were in the minority. I used to see the skinny drunks, the long, lean and mean quiet drinkers, the ‘dudes’, those older men with the big hair, the guys who purchased wide load jeans, and the greasy haired, elderly hippies. Now and then the preppies would come in along with those young rednecks who looked like they walked off of some western commercial - but most of them were mainly interested in fighting each other, usually over some skinny, wild haired country gal with no breasts and wearing sprayed on jeans.

The guys in these pictures look better than most of the girls.

Is this how it’s going to be when I hit the scene again? Have I been out of circulation that long?

Ain’t no such thing as a beautiful person or an ugly person, except if you mean you find them beautiful or ugly. For every body type, there’s someone with a fetish for it. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Hey, even I got laid at a dance club (no, we didn’t do it in the actual club) the other week.

Hey. If it makes you feel any better…
Most of those guys wouldnt stand a chance in SF, they’re too Frat Boy looking. The only places where girls would even talk to them is Harry Denton’s or the SoundFactory. Of course, I only looked at 6 pictures, but they were pretty average. In my mind average=unatractive.

Also. There is a reason the guys look better than the girls. Those are the only kind of girls attracted to those guys. I found those women quite unattractive.

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I think you misunderstood the message of the site. They are saying the pictures themselves are tacky, not necessarily the people in them. Like, maybe they think the poses are goofy, trite and cliche. I don’t think the people in the few pictures I checked out looked in the least bit tacky. Actually, most of them looked less tacky than the people in your average hang-out type bar down here. Anyway, I don’t think you should be worried about it. The people running the site might be the sort of people who always think anyone other than themselves and their clique are to be made fun of, you know, because they are the cutting edge. Which is a pretty tacky attitude if you ask me.

Why would you want to date a woman who would judge you on the basis of appearance anyway?

Yeah! You should instead date a woman who will judge you on the basis of how strong your pheromones are. :wink:

I’m sorry, but all those guys looked sorta creepy to me, lol. What I want to know is, why do all the women in those pics (and every other bar I go to) look like Marsha Brady? Is that supposed to be some sort of feminine ideal or something?

I don’t know, but I ventured out to a club that used to be a standard hangout of mine, lo, all those many years ago and sidled on in, plunked my keister on a bar chair – they got rid of the stools years ago and put in bar stools/chairs with backs and low arms. Better to keep the drunks from falling out I guess. What’s next, seat belts?

They also removed the brass foot rail. Something about insurance and people hooking their toes under it and tripping. (Sheesh!) They made one sensible improvement though. They installed big floor drains in the can and tiled everything over. There’s one of these little home fire hoses in a panel in the wall. (Locked for obvious reasons.) Now and then, on a busy night, the assistant bartender goes in there if someone whoopsied their lunch or just couldn’t quite manage to get the ol’ urine stream in the urinal. He hoses everything down the drain, spritzes a little industrial grade deodorant and germicide about and turns on a big vent fan for a few minutes.

I thought that was cool. No more stinky mop bucket in the corner, reeking of whatever.

Anyhow, as the night wore on, I realized that not only were there many, fine looking young ladies starting to appear but the place was starting to look like stud city. All these even smiles, heads of styled hair, square jaws and bodies by Jake or the local gym. A few guys my age came in, but they looked like they’d had some plastic surgery on their faces and their teeth reworked. (No false teeth there – implants baby! Implants.)

These guys reminded me of wealthy and crooked contractors I met years ago – wearing alligator booths, custom fitted jeans, designer work shirts, driving massive pick up trucks all chrome and custom paint that never carried a load of supplies and yacking on cell phones held in designer leather belt holsters.

I did not fit the scene at all. I studied a couple of the guys who looked my age – but better and while I like to dye my hair, I observed that they had apparently been to the hair doctor. Good hair line and no bald spots. Mine had receded a bit. (Hell, a lot!)

The girls were pretty. No two ways about it, even those who might be around my age but they swarmed around the good looking guys.

I finished my second beer and retreated. Even the bartender was different, younger, pasted on smile and almost too alert. The bar maids were all young and obviously lived at the local gym. I got ‘professional’ smiles from them.

I came home and pondered. Most of the women, who are still single (divorced) that I knew have kinda changed. Their eyes and faces are old, their smiles weary and they look, well, … hard. Some have turned into mean, homely ‘ladies’. I ran across two who used to be petite, lovely, happy and caring. Both gained about 50 pounds, are by no means petite, nor are they lovely anymore, happy or caring. Both are rather mean.

Have times changed that much since I circulated? Man!